Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Track and Field Club Interview – Part 2

Li Yulong was adamantly against letting Zhang Shaoyu join the team, but he didn’t want to upset Han Ling either. He argued, “Han Ling, think this through. Won’t such a deadweight be a burden for the entire team? He might be extremely good at parkour, but that was under life-threatening circumstances! In a competition, he wouldn’t be able to do anything!”

Lizz lost her temper at Li Yulong’s words. Before either Han Ling or Zhang Shaoyu could respond, Lizz furiously barked, “Hey shithead, who are you calling deadweight? It looks to me that you are the deadweight! Skinny, gloomy eyes, and a dark face. Instead of a teenager, you look more like a dirty old man who pays for sex in dirty places, am I right?”

The girls immediately looked at Yulong’s face and studied it carefully. Now that they were looking at him carefully after listening to Lizz’s words, the idol they had admired actually looked exactly like Lizz had described, and his ships sank.

Li Yulong actually did go out every night searching for girls, but he had never dreamt that Lizz would call him out in front of everyone. Especially in front of Han Ling, who now looked at him with scorn, along with the other girls. In shame and anger he pointed at Lizz and cursed, “Hey bitch, who are you callinga prostitute chaser? You’re the one who looks like a prostitute to me! Did Zhang Shaoyu give you some money for you to come here and put on a show for all of us?” He proceeded to pull out his wallet, which was far thicker than Zhang Shaoyu’s and continued, “How much did he give you? A thousand? Two thousand? Ten thousand?”

Zhang Shaoyu’s anger returned full force, and his relaxed fists once again clenched hard. His eyes went bloodshot and strength welled up from deep inside. He immediately stepped forward and bellowed, “Who’s the prostitute? Who paid money? If you dare insult Lizz again, I’ll see to it that you can’t say another word!

Everyone trembled under the Zhang Shaoyu’s suppressive aura, and their hearts wavered. Li Yulong even felt like the man in front of him was not mortal. How could someone send out such killing intent? He immediately took a step back, but he remembered that Han Ling was there. If he backed off now, how could he show off to Han Ling?

Li Yulong gathered his courage and once again mocked Shaoyu. “What kind of bullshit is this brainless animal saying? So I called her a slut, just like all her past men called her one.What are you going to do, huh? You want to hit me? Do you know who my father is? I’ll tell you something, if my father wills it, he could wipe you off the face of the planet with just a finger. No money and no authority, heh, you think you are so great and scary? Looking at you makes me sick, take your bitch with you and get lost!”

Zhang Shaoyu fury crescendoed, his fists audibly cracking.He roared, “Even if your father is Li Gang, I will beat the fuck out of you today, you bastard!” He immediately charged at Li Yulong with all the fury of a dragon descending, his claws ready to rip his target apart.

The other boys of the track and field club who were Li Yulong’s subordinates had been waiting for an excuse to gang up on Zhang Shaoyu ever since the morning to show him who’s the boss.

Their chance had finally arrived. With Shaoyu’s scream as the ‘go’, more than a dozen boys surrounded Shaoyu at once.

Zhang Shaoyu grit his teeth.It’s either kill or be killed now! He punched the first boy charging at him. Even though when he threw the punch, his body only had 30% of the Sacred Blood Stone’s power activated, it was enough to give his punch as much force as a sledgehammer. The boy took it in his stomach and was unable to utter a sound as he was blown away in a ‘C’ shape a full three meters before hitting the ground.

Seeing their comrade fall, the other buys were enraged and charged to rip Shaoyu apart, throwing their fists at him.

With the Sacred Blood Stone empowering his body, Zhang Shaoyu didn’t feel any fear towards the incoming fists. Several of them landed, but they felt like no more than a tickle.

On the other hand, every time Zhang Shaoyu unleashed a punch, someone would drop to the ground, and whenever he sent a kick, someone would fly away. Looking at how Shaoyu went one against ten, the girls were all surprised. They had known that Zhang Shaoyu was rumored to be a hardcore fighter, but they didn’t really believe it. Now that they were seeing it with their own eyes, they were entranced by his abilities; he might even be the reincarnation of the Ip Man!

Han Ling was no exception. Even though she was a feminist, in the end, she was still a maiden of age like any otherteenage schoolgirl. Seeing the brave Shaoyu, she admired his courage and lost herself in watching him, so much so that she even forget to stop the fight.

Meanwhile, Lizz was also acting as she liked from the sidelines. She put both palms near her mouth as if holding a loudspeaker and shouted, “Go Shaoyu! Don’t lose! Aim for their heads, punch them all into the coffin!”(1)

Lizz was raised in the magic world, and fighting with magic means either to kill or to be killed. Should this battle have took place in that context, if Zhang Shaoyu really punched them all into the coffin, they would really die.

Seeing her cheering him on, Zhang Shaoyu couldn’t help but smile a bit. The next instant, he felt a breeze behind him. He didn’t even turn around to unleash a back kick towards one of the boy’s chest. His victim screamed in pain as the air was knocked out his lungs and he flew backwards, knocking down another five or six as they all groaned in pain.

The remaining few boys who still stood were afraid of Shaoyu and didn’t dare to attack him. They only stood there exchanging glares with him.

Zhang Shaoyu was high in spirit as he provoked Li Yulong, “C’mere! Aren’t ya angry? Why don’t you get over here?”

Li Yulong saw that his comrades were now just staring at the sky, and beneath Shaoyu’s murderous glare, he began to fear for his life. Who would have ever guessed that a second grade citizen like Shaoyu would actually be a martial arts master? In his fear, he couldn’t even answer Shaoyu.

“You guys done? It’s my turn now then!” Shaoyu cracked his knuckles as he walked towards Li Yulong step by step.

As Shaoyu approached, Li Yulong felt like a god of death was closing in on him and broke out in a cold sweat. His face gradually lost its colour and whenever Shaoyu took a step forward, he took a step back.

Han Ling finally recovered from her stupor. Although she was still a bit afraid, she managed to muster enough courage to run in front of Shaoyu and try to stop him. “Zhang Shaoyu, don’t fight anymore! We’re in school, and if the teachers found out, even I won’t be able to help you!”

Zhang Shaoyu stopped as he considered her words.I’m already in my third year, and the teachers already dislike me. If I beat him up now, will I still have a chance to even get into a university?

With that Shaoyu snorted coldly and turned around, walking towards Lizz to finish eating the broth.

Lizz welcomed Shaoyu and immediately offered a bowl of broth, kindly asking him, “Shaoyu,Shaoyu! Are you tired? Do you want me to give you a massage?”

Zhang Shaoyu’s anger completely dissipated at the sound of Lizz’s sweet voice. He smiled and asked, “Lil’ girl can do a massage?”

Lizz proudly boasted, “Of course! I’ll show you how skilful I am in massaging shoulders! Just watch!” And then she began to gently massage Shaoyu’s shoulders.

Even though in reality she was bad at it, Shaoyu felt comfortable. Maybe the saying ‘love is blind’ really was true.

Off to the side, Li Yulong approached Han Ling,touched at how Han Ling came to his rescue. “Han Ling, you are too nice to me…”

However, Han Ling interrupted his thanks. “Do not misunderstand. I did not come to your rescue, I came to the rescue of the club. If all of you boys got beaten up by Zhang Shaoyu, what would we do at the tournament?”

Li Yulong was unable to say anything tothat, so Han ling continued, “So, what about it? Can Shaoyu join the club now?”

Li Yulong had already been humiliated by his loss to Shaoyu, and seeing the object of his affections defend his rival only reignited his anger. He replied, “I still can’t accept him! Sure, he can fight, but it doesn’t mean he can run! We are the track and field club, not the martial arts club! ”

Han Ling was quite irritated by his answer. “Didn’t he do some parkour in the past few days? Are you saying that you can defeat that speed?”

Li Yulong stubbornly insisted, “I told you before, it was because he was being chased withhis life on the line. In that kind of situation, who wouldn’t run their fastest?”

Han Ling pondered for a while before she finally came to a decision. “How about this then, you and him have a hundred meter sprint match. If he loses, he can go, but if you lose, you’ll give the captain position to him. How’s that?”

“What?!” Li Yulong was outraged. “Han Ling, oh Han Ling, what kind of drug did he force on you to make you help him so much?”

Han Ling averted her eyes. “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not helping anyone. This is the last track and field club competition before graduation, and I want the biggest victory for it!”

Li Yulong quickly answered, “Isn’t it enough with me here?”

“You? If you are really that good, why is it that we’ve won nothing!” Han Ling unexpectedly opened the wound in his heart, silencing him, “Anyways, will you do it or not? If you’re not brave enough, I won’t force you!”(2)

Li Yulong was irritated by the provocation.This Zhang brat might be able to fight, but that doesn’t mean he can run! I may not be the best, but I’ve been doing this ever since Junior High. Why should I be afraid of this brat who came out of nowhere?

With that, Li Yulong proudly answered, “All right then! You want to have a duel, let’s have one. I, the great Li Yulong, fears nothing!”

“Good!” Han Ling turned around and shouted at Zhang Shaoyu, “Shaoyu, stop that massaging and get over here!”

Zhang Shaoyu heard that he was called and reluctantly walked over with Lizz in tow. “Ling-jie,(3) what is it this time? Can’t I go home now?”

“Go home my ass!” Han Ling barked at him, and began to explain the ‘duel’. Zhang Shaoyu was feeling anxious as he listened.This Li Yulong had been training for at least five years in track and field, how can I defeat him unless some miracle happens?

Lizz laughed excitedly. “That’s good! A duel or whatever, Shaoyu isn’t afraid! Shaoyu, will you do it?”

Zhang Shaoyu had no confidence he would win, but he didn’t want to look bad in front of Lizz and the others so he forced a smile. “What you said…Is right, let’s do it!”

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1. The girl is on fire.
2. Savageeeee.
3. Jie as in Jie-jie or older sister. Hm… If it’s japanese it could be ‘senpai’ in a way.

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