Extras 1

Nurin and Kami In The Lamp

“Another day of translating again… Damn it…I need a breather…”
sighed Nurin in his small bedroom.

He then reached for a beer bottle beside his laptop, chugging it all up in one go.

“HAAAHHH…. Man I really need to get a live. Even D*te a Live has it better than me…”


“Hm…? Who called me in the IRC? Let’s see…. ‘ BOSS : Where the hell is next chapter of Mayo Ch*k*?! Get on it you lazy bum!’ What the hellll!!!!“

Pissed off, Nurin logged out of the IRC and slammed the laptop shut.


“?!Ugh…my stomach… this must be because I ate too much pizza last night… Oh well, here I come Mr. Toilet…”

Then Nurin went to the toilet while holding his stomach.

While taking care of his ‘business’, Nurin sighed again and said to himself, “ Ah… I wonder if there’s any God out there that will fulfill my wishes.”

After he’s done, Nurin went back to his room.

“Huh…? it’s dark already? Guess I’ll turn on the lamp.”




“Weird, is it broken? I just changed the lamp yesterday…”




When Nurin tried to turn on the lamp the third time, the lamp exploded, and from the smoke a man could be seen standing in the middle of his room.

Muscular and bare naked. No. On further examinations the ‘man’ wore knee-length socks.

Nurin made a disgusted face at the bizarre scene in front of his eyes.

“A naked phenomenon…? With knee socks?”

“I’m Kiritsurugi the Kami. I’ve come to fulfill the wishes of those who called me. And this is the formal attire of Kami. Don’t mock me, mortals.”

“…. Now I know why people don’t worship Kami(s) nowadays. But I didn’t call you…?”

“You tried to turn on the lamp 3 times in a row.”

“A new version of a genie in the lamp??? Oh well… So I believe I got 3 free wishes? And no clichéd thing like canceling a wish count as one or asking for unlimited wishes or make me the almighty god or something or making me a president or something?”

“Yes. I’m surprised you know me very well. Now then, what is your first wish?”

“……I want money. Lot of them. Give me 10 times of Amurican huge military budget.”

“Desu~ desu~~~~~~desu!!!! Your wish has been granted.”

“…..That’s quite a cute magic word turned disgusting. Huh? Where’s the money?”

Kami pointed at Nurin’s laptop screen which opened all of a sudden.

So Nurin went and to his surprise there’s a PM from ‘Kami’ on his IRC which said,

“Congratulations! You have won 99999999999999999 nanodollars!!!!!”

“HARGH!! COU-“ Nurin were so surprised and he fell down on his back. Writhing in agony, choked by his own words, literally.

He signaled at the Kami to come closer and gave the Kami a middle finger. Which only made Kami tilted his head to one side, confused.

“H-help me y-y-you bastard.”

“Oh, okay, Desu~desu~~~~~~desu!!!!”

Then Nurin breathed normally again and stood up as if nothing had happened.

“OMG!!!!!! I blasted off 2 wishes like that! And this Kami is soooooo stupid. I gotta pick my last wish carefully.”

Then Nurin pondered for a while, trying not to look at the naked Kami. (With the kneesocks.)

“Okay my last wish is : Give me a beautiful asian girl with short hair, she must be smart, likes animes, mangas, LNs etc. , English literate so I can communicate with her, and loves me so much she wants me to be available whenever she calls me. This should be very easy for you right? Don’t make another mistake, you hear me!?”

“Okay then. At the same time I go, a girl will appear in my place. Good bye, mortal.”

Then with a puff the Kami disappeared.

Then a woman figure could be seen from the smoke, Nurin couldn’t help but drool in anticipation.

And in front of him SHE appeared.

Nanodesuyo wearing a dress.


Kiritsurugi a.k.a Kami is Nurin’s editor.


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