Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – The Red Clad Beauty

Wu Shao looked at Zhang Shaoyu with a sinister expression and pointed at him, saying, “It was him …”

Zhang Shaoyu returned Wu Shao’s glare with one of his own. His eyes personified his emotions. Rage and bloodlust were exceedingly obvious, as if he was a war general exuding pressure, preventing others from meeting his gaze.

Actually, this was all because of the Sacred Blood Stone that Zhang Shaoyu accidentally swallowed last night. It had begun to assimilate itself into his body when Zhang Shaoyu fell asleep, and now it had already become ‘one’ with him. And now, it began to show its effects such as enhancing his strength, causing it to greatly surpass that of any normal human.

However, the most important change in his body was the large amount of unnatural energy that had accumulated within Zhang Shaoyu’s body.

Actually, this kind of energy existed inside everyone. However, in normal people, it usually stayed dormant. It would only exude its true worth when activated. This was usually referred to as latent potential.

Zhang Shaoyu knew nothing about it though.

With the Sacred Blood Stone working inside Zhang Shaoyu, his glare was nothing to sneeze at. Wu Shao felt as if dozens of icy daggers had pierced his body all the way to his heart. He felt the cold and the pain as he trembled under the pressure, causing him to fall silent after merely uttering a single word, “You–“.

Nevertheless, Mr. X was not stupid. He could see how Zhang Shaoyu stood, and how nobody dared to come near him. From that, he knew that Zhang Shaoyu must have had something to do with the situation.

Zhang Shaoyu was just some poor third-class citizen living alone, lacked discipline, and ranked last. Thus,Mr. X definitely did not have any reason to favor him. In fact, Mr. X had always disliked Zhang Shaoyu, and would jump at any chance to show him his rightful place.

Finally, the chance had come! Mr. X wouldn’t waste this chance for the world. He sneered, “Zhang Shaoyu! You’re screwing around again, aren’t you?! Not only are your grades bad, but now you’re beating up your own classmates? You’ve gone too far!”

Wu Shao, upon hearing Mr. X accusing Zhang Shaoyu, knew that he was a true ally. He regained all of his courage all of a sudden, and after wiping all of his fear away, he added, “Teach, he beat me up! You have to do something!”

The teacher glared angrily at Zhang Shaoyu. Zhang Shaoyu immediately felt anxious. Even though he could confront Wu Shao easily, he did feel a little afraid when confronted by his own homeroom teacher.

Mr. X, true to his occupation as a teacher, straightened his back while stepping forward, grumbling, “Zhang Shaoyu…Sigh…Zhang Shaoyu…You usually don’t pay attention in class, not to mention your lack of discipline…And now you even beat up your classmate…You’ve really gone too far this time…”

At the moment, Zhang Shaoyu’s busybody classmates, who were all over the place, cheerfully looked on as he got scolded. Whispering, they laughed at him, “Haha! Look at him, the ‘good guy king’ has no luck with women, and look what’s happening to him now!“

“Oh! So there you are!”

Suddenly, a girl’s voice could be heard. It was pleasant to the ears, like a wind chime’s calming sound. Everyone was fascinated by it; never before had they heard a voice like that.

Everyone instinctively turned to look for its source.

Zhang Shaoyu, Wu Shao and Mr. X also unconsciously turned around to see a girl standing right behind them, giggling cheerfully as she peered into the classroom.

The girl was a head shorter than Zhang Shaoyu and looked around sixteen or seventeen.

Wearing a lacy red dress, which seemed to be from the medieval era, she looked just like a princess from some foreign country.

Her beautiful black hair was straight and reached her waist. Her adorably oval-shaped face and white skin made her look like a goddess. She was looking here and there, and everyone who met her gaze was captivated. Her small nose and slightly moist lips made all the men catch their breath as their heart throbbed.

The girl ignored everyone’s gaze and boldly went to Zhang Shaoyu while giggling, and said, “Finally found you!”

Zhang Shaoyu was dumbfounded. He had no idea why a girl would be looking for him and even more so, whether this girl was real. For this to be happening, they’re only two possibilities. Firstly, he could be dreaming. Or secondly, he could be dreaming while he was dreaming. (Inception? Wait, was that even possible in the first place?)

Zhang Shaoyu pinched himself on the cheek. It hurt. So that means that it’s not a dream. So this girl was really looking for him?

The girl was a bit embarrassed to be stared at by Zhang Shaoyu. She blushed before saying, “What’d you think you’re doing, staring at me like that?”

Zhang Shaoyu felt as if his soul just left his body when he saw the girl’s expression. But then, he immediately made another dumbfounded expression, stuttering, “Y-You’re looking for me?”

“Yup!” The girl in red clothes giggled while nodding at him. That beautiful smile could melt even the greatest of icebergs.

It took Zhang Shaoyu awhile to return from the land of his delusions as he finally started inspecting the girl from top to bottom. Try as he might, he couldn’t figure out who she was.

And so he made a wild guess, and asked, “Are you…You’re from the newspaper stand?”

Just as Zhang Shaoyu was inspecting the girl, she did the same with him. Eyeing him, she wrinkled her eyebrows while thinking: This guy’s isn’t one of us, huh…? Why did he cheer for me then? Anyways, he faced the danger of safekeeping the Sacred Blood Stone for me.

There’s a lot of people now, so I should find a quieter place before I ask him to return it to me.

During the course of their mutual inspection, their lines of sight involuntary met. Looking each other straight in the eyes, the girl suddenly felt a jolt running through her whole body .

Her smile stiffened. Her brain grinded to a total halt, as if she was being blown away by a typhoon, overwhelming, overbearing, as if the end of the world was upon her.

The girl saw a slight flickering golden spark in Zhang Shaoyu’s eye. She felt disappointed. In her mind she told herself: Tch. So it was like that. He actually swallowed my Sacred Blood Stone. Hah! I thought that he was going to help me, but in the end he’s just another one of those bastards!

This Sacred Blood Stone was a treasure that only appeared once every hundred million years. It was the crystalized form of the Third Vampire King’s magic. If one ate it, not only would one’s magical power skyrocket, one would also be able to use the Third Vampire King’s powers.

According to the legend, the power of the Third Vampire King was comparable to the Gods and Kings of legends and old myths like Jehovah, Odin, Zeus, Osiris and other Gods in term of strength. He was a truly terrifying existence.

Therefore, this Sacred Blood Stone was the ultimate treasure for magicians.

However, no one knew where this treasure would appear. So in order to find it, the girl’s faction, the Tai Magical Faction, sent out underlings to all parts of the world to get the stone at any cost.

However, due to something which was possibly fate itself, the treasure actually appeared right where she was. And luckily, all the other great factions were fighting each other for the stone, so she managed to get hold of it and sneak away. Just as she was going to teleport back to headquarters, the British Holy Church’s follower appeared out of nowhere, interrupting her spell.
Disregarding the fact that she was randomly sent to Zhang Shaoyu’s balcony, she even got injured all over.

She had been cursing the British Holy Church’s follower to not get any seasoning when buying instant noodles ever since. (1)

But what made the girl felt most upset with this whole situation was that Zhang Shaoyu simply appeared when she had needed help. She couldn’t help but believe in him. So before she got knocked out, she passed the Sacred Blood Stone to him, hoping that he could keep it safe for her for a while.

Apparently he had ulterior motives behind what he did. He actually took the Sacred Blood Stone for himself, it was so infuriating!

The girl got angrier with every passing moment and her smile turned into resentment and her eyes were burning with anger as she glared at Zhang Shaoyu, as if she were going to eat him alive.

Looking at how the girl’s face stiffened, Zhang Shaoyu was at loss about what to do. He had no idea why the girl’s expression would change like this.

After a while, that stiffened expression became even more disfigured. It was as if he was seeing an angel transforming into a demon. Zhang Shaoyu was totally terrified, he thought: Did I offend her somehow? But that shouldn’t be possible, we just met, how could I offend her…?

All of the spectators were shocked, unable to comprehend the bizarre scene. They could only stare wide-eyed while whispering softly, discussing the events unfolding before them.

“Hey, do you know who that beauty is? What’s she doing with the ‘good guy king’?” asked one of the guys.

Another rubbed his chin and spoke sagely, “This girl is probably not from our school, but I’ve seen enough girls to understand this much. There are only three possible reasons for a girl to look at a guy like that.”

“What three reasons?”

“First. The guy cheated on the girl.”

“That’s totally possible! You guys are all no good!” the girls answered and received multiple hostile gazes from members of the opposite gender.

“Second. The girl betrayed the guy.”

This time the boys retorted, “That’s totally possible! Girls nowadays are no good too! ” This bantering caused the girls to glare at the boys as the atmosphere turned heated, ready to explode at the first sign of a spark.

“The third…”

The boys and girls looked at him, expecting an answer that favored their own group so that they could support their claims.

That student also got frightened by the high tension and he trembled as he gave his answer, “The third…Is that the girl got the wrong guy.”

“Tch!” At once, that guy became public enemy number one and got dragged away for some ‘interrogation’.

The girl really wanted to burn Zhang Shaoyu into the crisp barbecued pork that he was.

However, a moment before she was going to cast the spell, a bright idea came to her.

It looks like this man is not a magician at all. What’s more, he doesn’t know that I’m a magician. If I stay by his side and help cultivate the magic within him, I can just absorb that Sacred Blood Stone along with his powers after he matures into a perfect mage, right?

So, not only will I get the Sacred Blood Stone, I also receive his magical abilities. Isn’t that killing two birds with one stone?(2)

With that in mind, the girl couldn’t help but smile in joy as she praised her own superior intelligence and wisdom. But the smile was somewhat sinister, making her look a little like a r*pist. (3)

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1. Such a cute and cruel(?) curse.
2. I’ve read enough to know that it’s going to be so wrooooong.
3. Do you mind being…..?

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