Chapter 22

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Zhang Shaoyu finally managed to escape the school building. Recalling how he was forced to join the track and field club made him want to die. What kind of track and field club was that? It felt like an MLM organization! Are they going to give out a Mercedes Benz too? I thought it would be more like a running towards the sunset kind of thing!(1)

Zhang Shaoyu walked crankily through the gate and out onto the road. He imagined arriving home thirty minutes later to find that hungry ghoul Lizz crying. He had to go home as soon as possible or the hungry girl might just eat his TV.(2)

“Hey! Wait up!”

As he was about to leave, he heard an unknown girl’s voice calling out from behind him. He wanted to turn around to take a look, but he was in a hurry, so he suppressed his curiosity and kept walking on, acting as if he had heard nothing.

“Hey! Are you deaf? I asked you to stop!”

The girl called out to him again, but Shaoyu didn’t stop. She then said, “Stop that moron.”

Suddenly, Zhang Shaoyu saw a shadow flying over him, and with a loud “BANG”, a huge cello stood towering before him. The ground around the cello was cracked, showing how heavy it was.

A muscular figure with a tank-like build stood before him and said, “My lady told you to stop and you kept on walking. That’s really rude, you piece of shit… Do you want to die?”

Ever since Zhang Shaoyu swallowed the Sacred Blood Stone, not only had his body been strengthened, he had also gained the courage of a king and had become rather quick to anger. As he his irritation rose, he glared back at the figure.

The moment his eyes saw the figure clearly, his anger dissipated at once. It wasn’t because he saw a beautiful woman, but because the figure’s clothes were so ridiculous he had a hard time holding back his laughter.

What he saw was a face adorned with red spiky hair. The long, chimney-like face, somewhat similar to that of a horse’s, was further accentuated by no less than ten earrings on both ears. On the left nose was some unreadable Chinese letter. It should be a man, as Shaoyu saw a pinch of beard under the figure’s chin.

But, when he looked down, the muscular body was covered with nothing but a golden bra, and his lower body was clad in a simple cloth, like an old style drag.

Zhang Shaoyu was rooted to the spot, staring dumbfounded at the absurdity in front of him. It’s not as if he didn’t want to speak his mind, but he was unable to decide whether to call the person a ‘Mister’ or a ‘Miss’. The figure had a strong build like a chimney, and yet wore a bra. Even in broad daylight, it wouldn’t be surprising if one decided to run away on first sight, right? But, hey, didn’t Superman also wear his underwear outside on the outside? And, in this case, this person was wearing a bra outside, so, it’s okay, right? (3)

Though Zhang Shaoyu was desperately holding back his laughter, the big figure believed that he was scared stiff and glared at him while barking, “Damn brat, are you so scared you can’t answer? Such a pussy!”

Zhang Shaoyu retorted in his mind, This man must be blind to think that anyone could speak normally when seeing such a ridiculous figure. But, Zhang Shaoyu knew that it was poor manners to laugh at a person during a first meeting. After all, everyone has their own interests!

Trying to hold back his laughter as much as he could, Zhang Shaoyu stuttered out, “Miss, you have such a neat beard, do you perhaps hail from a prestigious family? What can I do for you?”

“What did you say!?” The imposing figure immediately brought his face down close to Zhang Shaoyu. Seeing it so close, Zhang Shaoyu realized that there was no way in hell the figure in front of him was a ‘girl’. The gigantic figure raised one fist as if he was going to hit Shaoyu in anger.

If this was the Zhang Shaoyu from the past, he would be so scared he might even faint on the spot when threatened with such a large fist. But now, full of courage, Zhang Shaoyu didn’t even blink. He wouldn’t be afraid at all even if it was Tarzan’s fist.

“Wait a second!” When the girl saw the huge man about to swing his fist, she quickly stepped in between them and stopped him. She then whispered in a low voice, “We mustn’t act rashly. We don’t know which religious faction he belongs to. It’s fine if it’s a small one, but if he belongs to a huge religious sect in England, it’s going to be a big deal. We’re not here to look for trouble, we’re just going to give him a ‘greeting’ for now. We can’t afford to make a huge scene.”

The man stopped to consider the proposition for a moment and concluded that she was right, so he said, “If you’ve got anything to ask him, ask him yourself. I’ve had enough of looking at this eyesore!” before retreating some distance away.

Zhang Shaoyu saw that the woman was very beautiful and sexy. She looked like Cleopatra, except for her uniform. Why would she wear a uniform? The uniform look is trending lately, right?

Anyway, why are those two approaching me? Do they want to ask me for directions to the toilet? But I don’t know any unisex toilets nearby! This isn’t Thailand! (4)
Zhang Shaoyu was deep in thought when the girl before him spoke with a seductive voice like something one might hear in an AV, “May I ask for your name?”(5)

Are they asking for directions to the toilet? Despite being reluctant, he wouldn’t want to get chased down the street by the one with the unknown gender. Not to mention the time, but if people saw him outside with a muscular, bra-wearing person who was not quite a man and not quite a woman, he wouldn’t dare to leave his home for a month at the very least. It would be like getting caught in an AV scene.

Zhang Shaoyu sighed, then answered, “My name is Zhang Shaoyu, I’m a high school student, class 37. Looking at your uniform, you must come from the same school as me, right? Which class are you in?” Even though he was reluctant, he still answered politely to show good manners.

The girl actually replied nicely, “My name is Marcia, class 23. I just transferred in,” before pointing a finger to the behemoth, “His name is Hall, he’s my boyfriend.”(6)

Zhang Shaoyu thought,Woah, Grandpa Deng, it seems that you’ve really succeeded. Parents really do give their children names like those westerners nowadays.(7) He then chuckled, “Oh! And why are you talking to me?”

Marcia smiled and said, “We wanted to greet you.”

Zhang Shaoyu began to wonder, Okay, I admit that yesterday’s incident was quite magnificent, but I’m not some kind of unique or rare animal okay? Did she bring her boyfriend just in case I was dangerous?

Marcia couldn’t read Zhang Shaoyu thoughts, so she continued, “We come from the Egypt Church Sect. May we ask of the great Zhang Shaoyu, of which sect do you belong to?”

Zhang Shaoyu was confused, “Egypt Church Sect? What’s that? A brand of red wine?”

Marcia was flabbergasted. Our sect is the most famous in the Middle East and Africa. We have tens of thousands of members, even more than the English Holy Church Sect. Along with the Roma and that other sect, we’re among the five biggest Sects in the magic world! And he’s never heard of us? That’s impossible!

Zhang Shaoyu noticed that Marcia had gone quiet and that the shemale had walked away. He looked at his watch. It was twelve forty. It took so much time! He remembered Lizz waiting at home and become anxious. “My beautiful lady, I’m in a hurry right now. I have to go on ahead. If you want directions to the toilet, I don’t know where they are, sorry.” He turned and began to walk away.

The shemale approached the girl and asked, “How did it go? Did you find out where he comes from?”

Marcia shook her head, “No, looks like he didn’t want to tell me.”

The shemale retrieved the cello with a look of disdain. “Did that kid with no trace of magic on him at all really jump up to the fourth floor? I don’t believe it. His limbs look as frail as a chicken’s. I can crush him with two fingers.”

Marcia told him, “I saw it with my own eyes, what’s there not to believe? And just observe him very carefully. If you look at him closely, there’s a somewhat strange flow of powerful energy inside him. Not only is his Soul strong, but it’s strong to such an extreme that I can’t even fathom it. With such a foundation, it’s possible that he might have been trained by a saint! ”

The shemale was surprised and his face showed a trace of fear upon hearing the word “saint”. “Hey, hey! Don’t talk nonsense now. Getting trained by a saint is no joke, and they only care for themselves, why would they teach someone?”

“I’ll say it now just in case, but be more cautious in the future.” And with that, she turned away.


Zhang Shaoyu ran all the way home, completing a fifteen minute journey in only three. The rush should have left him totally out of breath, but between the effect of the Sacred Blood Stone and his obsession with Lizz, such an exertion had become a trivial thing.

Zhang Shaoyu opened the door and rushed in to find Lizz and take hold of her small hands. She laughed, “Shaoyu, why did you come home so late? I’m so hungry.”

When he saw her, all his anxiousness was blown away. He answered the little girl, “Lil’ piggy, did you miss me?”

“Meanie! I’m not a pig!” Lizz frowned her lips and then asked him, “Shaoyu, didn’t you say that you’d come straight home after school? What took you so long?”

Zhang Shaoyu sat on the couch, looking very tired and answered, “I met three nutcases, so that made me late.”

Lizz blinked and tilted her head in question. “What nutcases?”

Hearing about Shaoyu being forced to join the track and field club in the end, Lizz laughed. “It’s a good thing, right? It’s a sport and you can train yourself.”

Zhang Shaoyu unhappily replied, “The problem is that if I join the club, I will have stay late at school. I can’t come back early to cook for you or drink your soup.”

Lizz wanted Zhang Shaoyu to train to further mature the Sacred Blood Stone, so she squinted her eyes and said, “Never mind that, you can cook more food in the morning for me to eat in the afternoon. As for the soup… Would be it be fine for me to make it for you to take it to school?”

“Really! That’s great then!” Zhang Shaoyu was very happy, especially about the part where Lizz would make soup for him to take to school. He felt like joining the track and field club might not be such a bad decision after all.

Lizz asked another question, “Then how about the other two nutcases?”(8)

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1. I know what you mean…
2. Much rudeness
3. Hell no.
4. Okay…that’s downright rude lol.
5. I wonder what kind of voice that is…
6. So it’s your ‘boyfriend’. Okay…
8. Here we go… and cliffhanger folks!

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