Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Staying at Your Place!

Mr. X slumped down onto the floor, unmoving, wiggling around with both hands covering his butt. One could almost see the metaphorical flies going in circles around his head .

Everyone in the class, including Wu Shao and Zhang Shaoyu could only stare at him, speechless.

Some students felt as if the same thing just happened to them, reflexively clamping their legs.

Lizz, looking as if she had did nothing wrong, proudly put her hands on her slim waists and declared before the fallen Mr. X, “That’s what villains get…” Lizz turned around to face Zhang Shaoyu, “…Right, what was your name again…?”

Zhang Shaoyu, whose soul just floated out of his body, absentmindedly replied, “Zhang Shaoyu.”

Lizz said ‘Oh’ and giggled before turning around, saying, “Okay, This Zhang Shaoyu is the one who ordered me to do this. You get it now? Burn his name onto your brains!”

Everyone in the class focused their line of sight towards Zhang Shaoyu, full of admiration as if they were saying:This man dared to oppose even the teacher. He’s a worthy man.

Zhang Shaoyu, on the other hand, took a deep breath while thinking: You piece of crap! That’s my teacher! My graduation and all else was dependent on him! Now you’ve put him down, and not only that, you’ve told him that I’m the one responsible, I’m totally screwed!

In the magical community, defeating someone powerful with one’s own strength would win other people’s respect. With that train of thought, Lizz told herself: Excellent! Now that I’ve helped him defeat his teacher, everyone will respect him so much! Luck is on my side, he will surely appreciate me now!

Lizz was so proud of herself that she excitedly jumped in front of Zhang Shaoyu, grinning and hoping he would praise her.

Zhang Shaoyu, on the other hand, could only think of his academic future upon seeing her face. He wanted to spew a stream of curses at her, but he was unable to do so after seeing her innocent smile. He didn’t even know whether to cry or laugh.

Lizz tilted her head to the left, blinking her eyes before asking, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Zhang Shaoyu, momentarily shocked, made a stiff smile before finally wailing, “It’s nothing; it’s just that I’m feeling so sad that I don’t even have any tears left to cry with!”(1)

Lizz was confused at all the low mutterings going on around her. “The Copying Maniac was defeated!” The surrounding students finally fully realized what the girl had done and started discussing rapidly amongst themselves,

“Fuck! This is bad right?”

“I–I’m dreaming right? Is her father Li Gang?” (2)

“This girl rocks, I like her!”

“What are you guys talking about?! Quick, make sure he’s still alive!”

Zhang Shaoyu thought: I can’t let the other teachers know about this, it’s not a case of disciplinary action anymore! He immediately crouched before Mr. X and tried to help him up, “Teach, are you okay?”

But, the moment Zhang Shaoyu’s hand touched Mr. X’s, his hand was swatted away. He glared at Zhang Shaoyu, hatred in his eyes before saying coldly, “Screw off!”

Zhang Shaoyu really wanted to explain the situation to Mr. X, but he soon realized that nothing at all would get through. He’ll probably even be accused of making up excuses and bullshit, which would definitely worsen the situation. And so, Zhang Shaoyu stood up and backed straight out of the classroom without hesitation.

Lizz saw Zhang Shaoyu leaving and called out to him, “Where are you going! Hey! W-Wait for me!” before hurriedly chasing after him.

The people in the class could only blink away as the two left the classroom before an uproar finally broke out.

As the first lesson had already ended, many students were milling about in the corridors.

Almost everyone mocked Zhang Shaoyu as they saw him pass by, “Isn’t that the NTRed ‘good guy king’?”(3)

“Shaoyu! Why are you walking so fast?” Just when everyone was about to start laughing at him, a bird-like voice echoed about the corridors, making everyone instinctively turn towards its source.
They didn’t expect to see such a beautiful girl, and every single one of them inhaled sharply. Where did that beauty come from? Which class was she in? How could it possible that no one ever saw her all this time? And so on. Wait a sec. Didn’t she just call Shaoyu’s name?

Don’t tell me she was chasing after the ‘good guy king’?

In modern times, seeing a guy chasing after a girl was exceedingly common. But who the heck sees girls chasing after guys (4)? That can’t happen, right? Such a beautiful girl chasing after a total loser? That’s unheard of!

Zhang Shaoyu had no time to care for all of them and kept on walking. Lizz only caught up with him after they had exited the school building. She tugged on his sleeves and asked, “Shaoyu, where are you running off to?! You have to stop all those people mocking you! Let all of them witness your might!”

Zhang Shaoyu teared up, “Oh my ancestors(5) … That guy was my homeroom teacher. If I ever offend him, my door to college would be closed forever. And if I can’t get into college, my parents would kill me. And that is if I only offended him. But it’s no longer just a case of offending him anymore! My life is ruined!”

Lizz didn’t know that going to college was the dream of most high schoolers and dismissively said, “Ceh! What college, just come with me, and I’ll teach you ma–” Lizz suddenly stopped. She thought: I can’t let him know I’m a magician! If he knows about it, I can’t absorb his magic later on!

Zhang Shaoyu was confused, saying “Teaching me ‘Ma’?”

“Ma… Ma… Makeup! I will teach you how to do makeup!” Lizz tried to cover it up with an embarrassed laugh.

Zhang Shaoyu wrinkled his eyebrows. Teaching me to do makeup? So that I can dress up as a beautiful woman? Come to think of it, all my problems are because of ‘beautiful women’ right? So can I make a girl beautiful with my makeup skills later? But then again, no makeup can defeat a naturally beautiful girl!

Lizz saw Zhang Shaoyu’s mind wander and thought that he still held a grudge against her.

And so, she softly tugged on Zhang Shaoyu’s sleeve, looked up at him and softly asking, “Are you still mad at me…?”

Zhang Shaoyu’s heart jumped looking at Lizz’s pretty face. Such a lovely girl looking up at him from such a close distance was extremely effective. Even if he was angry and blamed her, the power of her cuteness completely overwhelmed his anger and dispelled his foul mood into thin air.

Zhang Shaoyu took a deep breath, before finally muttering with great difficulty, “I’m not!”

Zhang Shaoyu began to ponder again: I don’t even know where this girl came from. I mean, how could such a pure and innocent girl exist nowadays? But if her family makes makeup then… Is she from the countryside? If that’s the case, why would she look for me?

Could it be that we met on the street by chance? But I don’t remember her at all… Ahh… Being so handsome is such a sin…(6)

Lizz saw Zhang Shaoyu smiling just a little bit. Even though his smile was just a little twisted, but she knew that he was not angry anymore and so reverted to her usual cheery attitude.

Zhang Shaoyu paused his thoughts and asked her, “Right, where do you live? Want me to take you home?”

“This is my first time here… I have no place to stay…” Lizz hesitated before finally asking, “If you don’t mind, can I stay at your place… ?”

“Okay! That’s fine…… WHAT!” Zhang Shaoyu suddenly screamed, “You want to stay at my place? This development is way too fast! I’m not prepared yet!”

Lizz regretted her decision and asked Zhang Shaoyu, “Will I be a bother if I stay at your place…?”

“I am living alone!” Zhang Shaoyu tried to imply that if she came to his house, they would be together alone, a guy and a girl. Won’t she be afraid?

But Lizz’s innocent mind did not let her think that far. She just thought that Zhang Shaoyu was living with his parents and could not easily accept guests. But upon hearing that he lived alone, she was delighted and replied happily, “That’s great! We’re lucky no one lives with you!”

Zhang Shaoyu’s heart skipped a beat. Who would have ever thought that she’s the type to hurry things up! She’s actually a wolf in a sheep clothing! But… I like it! Ughuehehe!

Zhang Shaoyu laughed in his head as his expression turned lewd. Coughing, he spoke seriously, “Since you’ve already asked me like that, I can only comply with your wishes.”

Zhang Shaoyu’s house wasn’t that far away from school, it was just a few blocks away.

Even though his family wasn’t super rich, they were quite well off. He lived on the 11th floor of an apartment building. When they arrived at the building, Lizz curiously observed the silver colored stainless steel elevator door. Astonished, she asked, “Who’d ever guess your house’s door is made out of pure silver!”

Zhang Shaoyu chuckled as he flicked the girl’s forehead, “That’s not my front door, that’s the elevator. And also, this is not silver but just stainless steel.”

“Elevator? Stainless steel?” The girl had spent her whole life in the magical world where modern science and technology were not widespread. She was unable to understand the foreign terms despite exhausting her brain juices and thus muttered, “Don’t tell me that’s something Roman alchemy created?”

Suddenly, the elevator made a buzzing noise and the door slowly opened. The girl jumped as if some otherworldly event had just occurred, shouting while pointing at the door, “Shaoyu, Shaoyu! Look! The door opened by itself!”

A group of people exited the lift and looked at Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz strangely, as if trying to say, “What village did these two country bumpkins came from?”

Zhang Shaoyu blushed furiously, ashamed, “That’s it, don’t shout anymore! That was so embarrassing! Quickly get in!” With that, he dragged Lizz into the elevator.

When the door closed, Lizz stared all over, curious. Frowning and being unable to understand the situation, she asked, “Hey, Shaoyu! What is this room? What were those people from before doing in this place?”

Zhang Shaoyu didn’t know how to explain how elevators worked to her so he just said, “Wait a moment and you’ll see,” as he pressed the button to get to the 11th floor.

After seeing the button light up after being pressed, Lizz became incredibly curious. She was so excited that her eyes sparkled while asking, “Shaoyu, Shaoyu! What was that? Why did it light up when you pressed it?”

“That’s the elevator button,” Zhang Shaoyu replied nonchalantly.

The little girl was so excited she asked spiritedly, “Shaoyu! Can I try pressing it too?”

Although playing with the elevator was a rude thing to do, Zhang Shaoyu could not help but agree with a “Yes” after seeing Lizz’s expression.

After receiving Shaoyu’s permission, the little girl slowly extended a finger. It trembled a bit before finally pressing a button, which lit up.

The little girl smiled, as if she had discovered something new in the world. She also pressed the second button and saw it light up too. She exclaimed excitedly as she kept pushing the buttons.

Seeing how cute Lizz was, Zhang Shaoyu felt his heart flutter, thinking: Having such a cute and innocent girlfriend like this must be a gift from the heavens!

As Zhang Shaoyu continued getting lost in his thoughts, Lizz had already pressed the buttons for all 25 floors. Examining her masterpiece, she nodded and placed her hands on her waist and proudly exclaimed to Zhang Shaoyu, “Shaoyu! Isn’t it beautiful?”

Zhang Shaoyu nodded, “Beautiful, very beautiful indeed!”

Lizz felt extremely proud of her brilliant master piece. At that point, she saw a different button at the very top of the panel. It was round and red, unlike all the other buttons. Most normal people would know not to press it.

“Hm? There’s one more!”

But for the super-excited-trigger-happy Lizz, she just pressed the button without any further thought.

Zhang Shaoyu saw the label below the button and screamed, “You idiot! Not that! That’s…”

But it was too late. The moment the button was pressed, the elevator suddenly stopped and all the lights dimmed. At the same time, Zhang Shaoyu felt himself go limp.

“……That’s the emergency button!”

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1. Originally a saying in chinese but it won’t make sense so I change it like this.
3. Explained before. Cuckold.
4. I personally think that it’s not actually surprising.
5. Like FML.
6. Might want to wake up soon boy.


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