Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – You Are My Girlfriend

The bragging Chen Dawei was completely dumbfounded the moment he saw Lizz. Now, he was staring at her, his eyes full of greed and lust as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

Needless to say, Nana took great pride in her beauty. Often, she felt as if she was the most beautiful girl in the world and none could surpass her.

However, her pride crumbled the moment she saw Lizz. No one would have ever guessed that there would be a world class beauty living in this crappy place. What’s more, her boyfriend was a poor-looking student, how could this be?! How could a little girl like her be so beautiful? Surely this was one of the devil’s tricks!

Lizz, who saw the two ‘guests’ staring at her blankly, was completely unaware of what was happening. Blinking her eyes, she thought that these people may be Shaoyu’s relatives.

My teacher told me that if I wanted to gain a man’s favor, I have to make a good impression in front of his relatives. If I do it properly, they may just praise me in front of the guy! This would work better than any charm!

With that, Lizz politely introduced herself, “Good afternoon, Uncle and Auntie. I am Shaoyu’s girlfriend; you can call me Lizz. How may I address you?”

Chen Dawei didn’t react when he was called ‘uncle’ by Lizz, but her beautiful melodious voice coupled with her extreme beauty made him swallow his own saliva before her, captivated.

Nana, however, disliked Lizz ever since she first laid her eyes on her. Such a beautiful girl with such good manners is most definitely hiding something. Maybe she was actually a vixen specializing in some shady business? In the midst of her scorn, she had clearly forgotten that she was a vixen as well.

And Lizz even dared to call her ‘auntie’! This is a clear provocation! I just graduated from university, and am still under twenty-five, and she dares to call me ‘auntie’?! Bullshit!

The woman, Nana, curled her lips and put one hand on her waist. Pointing at Lizz, she started yelling at her, “You shameless vixen! You think just because you’re a little cute, you can act so cockily? You’re just another slut! Bored with the rich and now you’re going for the poor, aren’t you? I’ve seen plenty of harlots, but I’ve never met one as shameless as you!”

Lizz’s eyes widened in surprise upon getting scolded for apparently no reason at all. She was speechless. Do the Chinese really greet each other this way? Did I say something wrong? Crap, I’ve angered Shaoyu’s relatives. He will surely hate me now. If they tell me to go away, how will I be able to get my Sacred Blood Stone…?

The more she thought about it, the more upset Lizz got. She retreated to a corner of the kitchen like a frightened kitten as tears started dropping from her eyes. It was such a pitiful sight that any male would feel heartbroken just by looking at her.

Zhang Shaoyu was a kind and responsible person. Four hours ago when he accepted Lizz as his girlfriend, he made a vow. Even if she was lying when she said she loved him, he would love her with all his heart. Hurting her or making her sad was out of question. He would not let her shed a single tear.

How dare this woman bitch at Lizz! If she only insulted me, I would just bear with it. But insulting Lizz? This bitch has gone way too damn far!

With that, Zhang Shaoyu’s anger manifested itself as a mysterious force, power surging out from deep within his heart. As if hot water was flooding his veins, Zhang Shaoyu felt his body temperature rise. It was as if there were hundreds of horses galloping around inside him, just waiting for the right opportunity to be unleashed.

Zhang Shaoyu’s eyes lit up in anger, his glare piercing the souls of both Chen Dawei and Nana. He grit his teeth before yelling furiously, “You bitch! I dare you to say that again!” Zhang Shaoyu’s voice was so loud the room itself shook, almost as if the room itself was trembling in fear.

Even Chen Dawai, who was a fully-grown man broke into cold sweat upon hearing Zhang Shaoyu’s roar. His heart stopped for a whole two seconds while his feet trembled, cold sweat running down his back. His woman though, was completely scared stiff. Her eyes were wide with fear, her legs giving out as she fell on her bottom, being unable to stand up.

The roar made even Lizz, who was still in the kitchen, become dumbfounded as she stared at Zhang Shaoyu, as if in a daze. She sensed an abnormally large surge of power from Zhang Shaoyu. A tingling sensation raced throughout her whole body, and even though she was a magician, she felt as if she was a rabbit before a tiger.

Lizz was so startled she even started thinking: To think that even I, a level 6 mage(1) would be intimidated. Isn’t his power a bit too strong?

To begin with, I remember my teacher told me that the Sacred Blood Stone is not something that you can just ‘eat’. Because it holds such power, if a normal person or a mage eats it and tries to gain its power, they wouldn’t be able to use 100% of the power. A large portion of it would be dormant, useless energy. Therefore, a special treatment must be applied before that energy could be accessed.

This was also the reason why Lizz threw it at Zhang Shaoyu instead of just eating it herself.

But there was one person in this world who could use that power without requiring the special treatment… The reincarnated third vampire king, Count Dracula…

Lizz suddenly realized something with a jolt while looking at Zhang Shaoyu’s gallant figure. She began to question herself in her mind: Zhang Shaoyu was just a normal, ordinary citizen. Even though he ate the Sacred Blood Stone and had his strength enhanced, it should be impossible to reach such a level of power. There’s only a tiny chance but…Could it be that by some twist of fate, he’s Count Dracula’s reincarnation?

No! It’s too early to draw conclusions. There’s a chance that the Sacred Blood Stone has such an enormous amount of power, and what Shaoyu is demonstrating now is just a small portion of that power.

While Lizz was deep in thought, Zhang Shaoyu was already marching forward. He casually picked a CD off the table, crushing it into tiny little pieces using only his fists. As the dust sprinkled on to the floor, Zhang Shaoyu slowly enunciated each word through the crack between his two rows of teeth, “Get .Out. NOW!”

After witnessing all that, Chen Dawei and his woman were unable to say anything more. Both their legs gave way and as they were unable to stand, they could only scurry out the door like dogs.

Looking at their retreating silhouettes, Zhang Shaoyu slammed the door shut. Trying to calm down his heart, he threw one last angry complaint, “Those shameless bastards! They better not let me see them ever again!” After that outburst, he forcefully swallowed his anger and turned towards Lizz. “Lizz, you can come out now, everything’s fine now.”

Lizz became even more surprised than she already was, so much so that she was completely speechless and could only think: Shaoyu even drove away his relatives for me. Why is he so kind to me? Am I really that important to him?

Lizz walked out slowly, hanging her head. With a tone of regret, she said, “Shaoyu, I’m sorry, I messed up again…”

Zhang Shaoyu waved his hand while smiling, “That’s nonsense. It was their fault, not yours. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Seeing Zhang Shaoyu covering for her once again, an indescribable warmth rose within her heart. She was so touched that her eyes began to redden again. “Shaoyu, you really are kind to me! No one has ever treated me as well as you since I was young.”

Curious, Zhang Shaoyu asked, “What about your parents?”

Lizz replied with a lonely expression, “I’m an orphan, I have no parents. I was abandoned on the street since I was little. I survived by begging around and scavenging dumpsters for food…”

Zhang Shaoyu was shocked to hear that. As he looked at her, he suddenly began to imagine a young Lizz. A little girl in a dark alley under the rain, searching the dumpsters for a piece of moldy bread like a hungry dog. Searching like that to look for the next meal, to survive. Who could withstand such an inhumane life?(2)

Zhang Shaoyu’s felt a sudden surge of compassion for her. He pat Lizz’s head and said softly, “You don’t have to say anything more… From now on, you’re not a beggar anymore. You don’t need to search around in the dumpsters anymore either. And you don’t have to beg for food. I will be nice to you, spoil you. I will do whatever I can for you, for your happiness. I will make you the happiest girl in the world!”

Actually, Lizz wanted to tell him that ever since her teacher took her in long ago, she no longer lived as a beggar.

But for some reason, she felt overjoyed. It was the first time she felt such warmth. Like a small ship sailing endlessly in the ocean and finally finding a port, she felt like she had finally found a place she belonged to. She felt that as long as he was with her, they could take on any disaster that lay ahead.

In the end, Lizz couldn’t hold back her tears, but she was smiling. She spoke weakly, “Shaoyu… We’ve only known each other for four hours… Why are you so kind to me…?”

“Because you’re my girlfriend! Do you really need to ask?” Zhang Shaoyu flicked Lizz’s small forehead while smiling. “Ever since I was small, my parents were never by my side. I grew up without my parents around, so I had to do everything by myself to live. Although I didn’t live on the streets like you did, I can relate to that lonely feeling in your heart. I experienced that myself. So when you asked to be my girlfriend earlier today, I was very happy. Because I was finally able to find someone who would truly love me. That’s why I will love you back with all my might. Isn’t that the only thing I can do?”

The more she heard, the guiltier Lizz got. She couldn’t bear to lie to him anymore. She felt like telling Zhang Shaoyu that she became his girlfriend only because of the Sacred Blood Stone within him, not for the reasons he thought.

As she was just about to say it, something stopped the words from leaving her lips. In the end, she swallowed the words back.

Zhang Shaoyu gently wiped away Lizz’s tears and grinned. “Yeah, I’ve only known you for four hours. And I’ve realized that you cry once per hour. Why are you crying so much? Be careful or your face might get stuck like that, y’know!”

“Shuddap!” Lizz pushed Shaoyu away and protested cutely, “You’re the one making that kind of face!” She made a face at him before walking towards the kitchen and closing the door.

Zhang Shaoyu shook his head before laying down on the sofa, staring at the ceiling. Recalling Lizz’s appearance, he felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Although they didn’t manage to take their relationship to the next level, he felt that it was fine. They could take their steps slowly, one by one. Their days together had just begun after all!

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1. She’s talking about her ‘strength’ in magic I suppose. Prob is 6 from…? 10?
2. World is cruel. I personally can somehow relate.

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