Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Tiger’s Roar


Zhang Shaoyu’s cellphone rang all of a sudden. He squirmed in his sleep, trying as hard as he could to burrow further under his covers, but the ringing didn’t stop.

Tormented by the cell phone, Zhang Shaoyu finally snapped and got up. He picked up the phone, pressed the answer key and he yelled into it without care for who he was talking to, “What’re you doing calling someone so early in the morning! You wanna die?!”

Straight after, the sound of a man roaring came from the phone, “Bullshit! Zhang Shaoyu, it’s 10 o’ clock! You dare call that early in the morning? So you don’t want to come to school, huh? Get over here right now and copy your math homework 10 times over!” After that, a single beep tone could be heard as the call was ended.

Zhang Shaoyu’s body trembled. He knew that voice, it was his bald homeroom teacher, who was also his math teacher and was nicknamed Copying Maniac…Wait, what was his real name again?

“Tch! Who cares about his name, there are more important things to care about!” He immediately leapt to his feet and went to the bathroom in a hurry. He brushed his teeth, took his clothes off, put on his white uniform and rushed towards the door.

On his way to school, Zhang Shaoyu began to think about the incident last night. He unconsciously looked at the sky. It was sunny, and the birds flew peacefully without any signs of a battle having taken place. ‘Was that a dream?’ he muttered. He sighed and stopped pondering, continuing his jog towards school.

He finally arrived right after the third lesson, when everyone was milling about the hallways.

Upon seeing Zhang Shaoyu, some of them started pointing at him, many of them laughing and whispering.

Zhang Shaoyu had no idea what was going on and went straight to his classroom in a hurry.

But, not paying attention to where he was going, he ran into his classmate. Surprisingly, his classmate got knocked a whole meter away and started writhing on the floor in pain while Zhang Shaoyu just stood there as if nothing had happened.

His fallen classmate yelled at him, “Damn you! Are you fucking blind!”

Zhang Shaoyu composed himself and assessed the situation calmly. On the floor was a boy a head taller than him. At this point, he just thought that his classmate had lost his footing. He had no idea of the changes that were beginning to take place in his body.

The boy’s name was Wu Neng, though people usually called him Wu Shao. He was the class PE representative. He was also quite handsome. His father was the boss of a small business and they had quite a lot of money. Of course, there were also a lot of girls who fell for him.

The moment Wu Shao stood up and saw Zhang Shaoyu, he laughed instead of getting angry.“Yo! If it isn’t the ‘good guy king’! How do you feel about your girlfriend getting NTRed(1) ? Feels good, right? Hahahaha!”

Upon hearing what Wu Shao practically shouted out, everyone in the classroom looked at Zhang Shaoyu and burst into laughter at once. One of them was Ma Li, who was sitting on the corner and laughing her socks off, as if money had just started falling from the sky.

Getting called out on his sore spot caused Zhang Shaoyu’s face to immediately redden in shame and anger, “What did you say?!” Then, he remembered that he just got dumped yesterday. And that he had purposely chosen a desolate corner to do it. How did everyone know about it already? There’s no need for too much thought here, she must have been the one to spread it!

Arriving at that conclusion, Zhang Shaoyu gritted his teeth and stared at Ma Li angrily, “Were you the one who told them?”

Ma Li,who was neither scared nor intimidated by Zhang Shaoyu, replied, “What, you actually thought that I would love you, you peasant? Agreeing to date you was just me playing around. You really think I would love you? You’re just a frog longing for the moon(2);a kid who got drenched in his own piss and is just trying to sound strong. You’re so poor that no one would even bother looking at you and yet you still dare to try to pick up girls. How disgusting!”

The whole class exploded in laughter.

Zhang Shaoyu felt his insides boiling with anger. He didn’t expect the girl in front of him to be so malicious, exploiting others’ feelings for her own amusement. How could someone remain calm after being treated like this? They say that even the most level-headed person would eventually explode, what’s more to say a hot-blooded youth like Zhang Shaoyu?

Simply preposterous! If I were to let it go just like that, I, Zhang Shaoyu will no longer be a man!

With that in mind, Zhang Shaoyu opened his bloodshot eyes wide with anger. He grinded his teeth, feeling his body heat up as his anger reached its boiling point. He felt a sudden surge of power rise within his body, and all his 206 bones creaked as if they were screaming while his bloodshot eyes turned even sharper. Finally, unleashing the surge of power from within, he howled, “I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN!”

His howl was akin to a lion’s roar, completely drowning out all the laughter in the classroom and rattling the classroom’s windows. Everyone immediately stopped and stared at Zhang Shaoyu, not a single person daring to laugh.

Ma Li was still a girl, no matter how arrogant she acted. Faced with Zhang Shaoyu’s wrath, she became incredibly terrified and looked as if her soul had just left her body. She felt her body tremble and her weakened legs swayed, making her almost fall down.

Even Wu Shao, who stood in front of Zhang Shaoyu felt a little scared and unconsciously took a step back. But how could he cower in fear in front of all these girls! He mustered his courage and stepped forward and began to speak, “What right do you have to howl, you scum who just got dumped–”

Before Wu Shao finished talking, Zhang Shaoyu had already shifted his line of sight and started glaring at him. His eyes were like those of an angry war god. Wu Shao was so startled that he unconsciously took another step back.

Wu Shao felt a bit intimidated, but trying to avoid losing face in front of the trash that was Zhang Shaoyu, he quickly shouted, “Huh!? What are you looking at!? Do you know what will happen if you dare to oppose me!? You want me to get my men to greet you at the school gate every day?!”

At that moment, students from other classes who had heard Zhang Shaoyu’s roar started gathering to peek into the classroom and began chattering and speculating noisily.

Wu Shao’s courage returned upon seeing all the people outside. He sneered at Zhang Shaoyu, “Peh! What are you trying to do, you son of a bitch!? Clenching your fists so hard, what are you gonna do? Tell you what, me and my men can beat the shit out of you easily. It’d be a good idea not to piss me off, now obediently get down on all fours like the dog you are!”

The more he listened, the angrier Zhang Shaoyu got. No one would be able to remain calm after being humiliated in front of so many people. Once again, he roared, “Who the fuck is your dog?!” and threw a punch at Wu Shao’s face.

Wu Shao knew that Zhang Shaoyu was a shut-in, so how strong could he be? He raised his arm to block the punch without any hesitation. But when Zhang Shaoyu’s punch hit him, its force was strong enough to obliterate a mountain. It was too fast for him to react and before he knew it, it had already struck him in the face. Before Wu Shao even managed to say his prayers, he flew backwards, knocking away all the tables and chairs behind him like bowling pins. Books and various types of stationary flew up in the air and rained down on Wu Shao, who lay crumpled on the floor.

The surrounding students were all shocked at seeing Zhang Shaoyu punch away the 1.88 meter tall boy. “Woah! Who would ever guess the ‘good guy king’ was actually so strong! He definitely doesn’t look it!” They could never have guessed that the good natured ‘good guy king’ was actually a Spartan.

Zhang Shaoyu approached Wu Shao step by step. Wu Shao, with a mouth full of blood, was scared stiff and almost pissed himself when he saw Zhang Shaoyu coming closer to him. While crawling backwards, he screamed, “D-D-Don’t come hereeeee!”

“What are guys doing here? Didn’t you hear the bell? Hurry and get back to your classrooms!” Zhang Shaoyu heard a middle-aged man’s voice from the crowd. He recognized the voice as his homeroom teacher, Mr. X (where X is an unknown).

Those who wanted to stay to try to find out what would happen next didn’t expect to be called back to class so soon. Left with no choice, they reluctantly left the scene and returned to their classrooms.

“Woah! Did a typhoon(3) just pass by this classroom?” was what Mr. X said when he entered the classroom. He then asked, “Can anyone tell me what exactly happened here?”

The whole class looked at one another. No one dared to say anything. Finally Wu Shao yelled, “Teach, you’ve got do me justice, back me up here!“

Wu Shao’s family had donated quite a large sum of money to the school. The headmaster even repeatedly told Mr. X, ‘You have to take good care of Wu Shao. Make sure he stays happy or both of us will suffer.’

Seeing Wu Shao’s bloodied mouth, Mr. X was almost got a heart attack and he warbled, “W-Wu Shao!? What happened to you?”

Wu Shao knew that this was the chance for him to take revenge, and so he looked at Zhang Shaoyu with a sinister expression and pointed at him, saying, “It was him…”

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1. Well basically cuckold.
2. Like something ugly wanting something way too good for it, a.k.a out of reach.
3. Referring to Typhoon Nina.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Can’t say much about him yet. All he’s done yet is throw one punch after he’s been thoroughly embarrassed and angered with the target just begging him to do it. Even kids can do worse. Hell, there was an 8 years old that tried to whack someone else with a chair after he got teased enough, though a teacher intervened before it got past an attempt.


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