Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Shaoyu’s Rage

Confronted with such fury, the thugs were taken aback. They had never imagined that a student would have the aura of a god of war and froze in place.

Wu Shao was so afraid he almost collapsed on his butt. But he remembered that he had people backing him up, so after calming down he shouted, “Hey! Aren’t you guys the Azure Dragons!? I spent a lot of money on you guys, and you’re afraid of some punk? What kind of farce is this!?”

With that, the thugs managed to shake off their stupor and the huge leader bellowed, “My brothers! Gather up! Even if this brat had three heads and six arms, he can’t escape from all of us!” He charged at Zhang Shaoyu and swung his knife to chop off Zhang Shaoyu’s left hand.

Zhang Shaoyu felt the pressure from the incoming slash, but mustered his courage from God knows where. Without looking or caring about the glinting blade, he roared like a lion and buried a punch in the giant’s gut.

Zhang Shaoyu’s fist was clad in the Sacred Blood Stone’s power, so when his strike connected, the giant’s muscle twisted as the built up energy exploded outwards. With a scream, the giant flew three meters back and fell to the ground, writhing in pain as if a truck had crashed into him.

“Boss!” The thugs were shocked to see their leader blown away by a kid. Wu Shao and Lizz were no exception, though the former was due to panic while the latter was just astonished.

The giant was no pushover however, and even though he was struck with Shaoyu’s enhanced punch and was unable to stand up, he had not lost consciousness. He glared at Zhang Shaoyuand barked, “Hey! Back me up! Hold him down so I can tear him to pieces!”

When they heard the order, the thugs all roared and readied their knives to cut Zhang Shaoyu to pieces.

Zhang Shaoyufelt confident after having managed to blow the giant away. He said to himself,If I lose, Lizz will be hurt. I swore that I would protect her. Even if I die, I won’t let her fall in harm’s way.

“Good! You bunch of mongrels! Today, I will teach you a lesson!”

Zhang Shaoyu roared as his anger rose up. He felt as if something was stirring inside of him, granting him more and more power, sharpening all of his five senses to the point he could hear even the wind’s whisper clearly.

At that moment, two of the thugs charged with their knives raised to carve Zhang Shaoyu into pieces, but Zhang Shaoyu responded with a loud “Haaaah!”(1) and jumped up and kicked them in the chest, one foot for each of them. Since the two thugs were not as strong as their boss, they immediately flew ten meters away with blood spewing from their mouths, crashing into and knocking down another four thugs as well.(2)

Although the alleyway was usually deserted and not many people would enter, it was still peak hour and a lot of people passed by. Even though those who passed by tried to avoid trouble and kept walking, the moment they saw Zhang Shaoyu punch the giant and kick away two other thugs, their curiosities got the better of them and they stayed to watch. After a shorttime, so many people had gathered in the alleywaythat there was nowa three-layered crowd blocking the entrances to the alleyway.(3)

Another three set of knives came at Zhang Shaoyu. He avoided the first two and countered the last with a punch to the chest. The strength behind the punch was every bit as powerful as the first, and the knife fell to the ground while the owner flew ten meters away and fainted.

“Woah!” The onlookers were surprised by the spectacle before them and began to raise their voices.(4)

“An average adult manshould weigh at least fifty kilos right? For that kid to send him flying with just a punch, what the heck’s happening?”

“Is it the legendary Wing Chun?”(5)

“Were you watching too much Ip Man? This kind of ferocious punch, it must be the Iron Fist!”(6)

“You guys are both wrong! In my opinion, it must be Fooshan Shadowless kick!” At the man’s words, the crowd retorted with,That’s a punch, how could it become a kick?

With another man down, there were only four thugs left armed with knives close to Zhang Shaoyu. Seeing how strong he was, the four felt afraid of him and changed their plan of attack. If trying to hack off his arms wasn’t working, they would aim for his head instead.

With that resolution in mind, all four charged Zhang Shaoyu simultaneously. Even if he was Superman or something, the thugs didn’t believe he would be able to take all four of them at once.

Zhang Shaoyu felt the air moving on the back of his head. He didn’t need to look back to know there was no way he could avoid getting hit this time. He immediately crouched down to grab a knife from the ground and swung it above his head.

*ClangClangClangClang!!* The sound of blades colliding rang out four times. He actually managed to block all four knives at once using only one hand.

The four thugs were shocked, and cold sweat quickly drenched their whole bodies. They began to suspect that the thing in front of them was not human, but a monster.

Zhang Shaoyu took his chance while the four were frozen in place with dumbfounded expressions and exerted more strength to push his knife up. The four lost the contest of power and staggered backwards.

With one swift movement, Zhang Shaoyu slashed at the four thugs’ thighs. Blood spilled to the ground as they collapsed, screaming in pain.
The rest of the thugs were stunned as they saw their companions fall one by one. Their arrogance was gone, replaced by a deep sense of dread.

Zhang Shaoyu felt exalted, and witha surge of excitement, he turned around to see the rest of the thugs looking at him fearfully. Feeling brash, he roared, “Who’s next!?”

Not one thug dared to open their mouth.

Suddenly a hoarse voice called out from behind him, “You fucking son of a bitch! If you dare move, I’ll kill her!”(7) Zhang Shaoyu spun around and saw that the giant had managed to move behind Lizz without anyone realizing. He held her by the neck with one hand and held a knife to it with the other.

Zhang Shaoyu’s anger immediately boiled over. He felt even more power surge from within, heating his brain while his eyes seemed to glow.

Zhang Shaoyu slowly stepped forward, tiles cracking under his feet, and pointed his knife at the giant.In a low, furious voice he said, “If you dare injure even one strand of her hair, I’ll tear you apart!”

Zhang Shaoyu’s killing intent sent a wave of dread through even the spectators.It was as if in front of them was not a person, but a tiger ready to eat his victim.

The giant was rendered stupefied under Zhang Shaoyu’s pressure, and for a moment felt like hiding in a corner. When he remembered he had a hostage though, he recovered his courage, and like a madman began to ridicule Zhang Shaoyu, “What if I do, huh? You want to tear me apart? You’re one hundred years too early for that!”

The observers watching the situation unfold were disgusted by the giant’s behavior. Even going so far as to take a hostage, though as an example of a thug, he was perfect for it.

Zhang Shaoyu was enraged, but with Lizz in that kind of situation, he didn’t dare to attack rashly. If the mad dog were to hurt Lizz, it’d be bad. He tried to calm himself down and took a step back. “What do you want?”

When he saw that Zhang Shaoyu had stepped back, the thug laughed loudly. He then glanced around and yelled, “Hey! What the fuck are you guys still looking at? Get up and……AAAAAAHHHH……” The moment he pointed his knife at his gang members, he screamed in pain.

Turned out Lizz had taken the chance to concentrate all her magic in her feet and stomped down hard on the thug’s foot. Under such force, even Zhang Shaoyu empowered with the Sacred Blood Stone wouldn’t get away without harm, let alone a normal man.

The giant’s foot immediately turned into something like a dried persimmon. His bones were utterly fractured and broken. He fell on the ground and rolled about holding his foot while wailing in pain like a pig.

All around, the onlookers were staring at the spot where the giant’s foothad been. Around it were giant cracks in the tiles. They held their breath as they thought,This girl could destroy tiles with just a stomp, was it the legendary mountain breaking feet? This boy and girl, from which mountain did they hailfrom?(8)

Seeing their boss in such a state, the subordinates’ morale plummeted, and one of them asked the others, “Hey, you guys still wanna go at it?”

With no answers forthcoming he continued, “These two guys are monsters, unless you’re Ultraman or the like, we’ve got no chance. Let’s run!”

Those who could still move dropped their weapons, pushed their way through the crowd, and ran away into the dark.

Zhang Shaoyudidn’t try to chase them at all. Instead, he immediately approached Lizz, asking her worriedly, “Lizz, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Unexpectedly, she asked him in a worried manner too, “Shaoyu, are you wounded? Do you feel pain anywhere? I’ll treat your wounds!”

With that, both of them were surprised for a moment, and smiled at each other. Lizz then looked down blushing and said, “I’m alright, you?”

Zhang Shaoyu felt a bit shy and so he blushed while scratching his head. “I’m also fine, you being unharmed is more important.” Then he turned towards Wu Shao and glared daggers at him before bellowing, “Wu Shao! Let’s settle this right here, right now! ”

Wu Shao’s legs had long given outhe was so scared. He cowered on the ground unable to move, and as Zhang Shaoyu walked closer, he was so scared his soul almost fled his body. Still, he cried, “F-fucking brat, what do you want? My father is the boss of Jinhing Company, he knows a lot of people, if you dare to touch me…”

Wu Shao had not finished speaking when Zhang Shaoyu angrily pulled him up by the collar with one hand and slapped his right cheek with another. He yelled in the red swollen face, “I dare to touch you! Not only that, I dare to hit you! I’ll trash you up so bad you fucking son of a bitch, your own mother won’t recognize you!”(9)

Although he was afraid of Zhang Shaoyu, Wu Shao wouldn’t back down, and he screamed in response, “You dare to hit me!? You seriously hit me!? Okay! You’re dead! I tell you, you’re dead!!”

This only pissed Zhang Shaoyu off more, and he slapped Wu Shao’s left cheek too, making it swell up just like his right. “Say it again! Come on, say it again! I couldn’t hear you!”(10)

Wu Shao continued to curse, “Zhang Shaoyu! You’re dead meat…”

Once again, he hadn’t finished when Zhang Shaoyu slapped him again. “What did you say? I can’t hear you here!”

Wu Shao was unable to curse anymore, so Zhang Shaoyu rewarded him with more than a dozen slaps to the face. In the end, Wu Shao’s face was sullied by his own blood, he lost two teeth, and his swollen cheeks made him looked like a pig. Just as Zhang Shaoyu said, even his own mother probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Even though Wu Shao had a bad character, he wasn’t stupid. To get my revenge I have to back down here. If I were to beaten to death here, how would I get my revenge? As long as I’m alive, I can get back at him!

With that in mind, he made a crying face and begged, “U-Uncle, I’m wrong! Please, please forgive me this once!”

Zhang Shaoyu finally cooled down and stopped slapping him as he heard Wu Shao. “Again! Say it again louder!”

Wu Shao held back his rage and said, “Uncle Zhang, little me here admits his mistakes, this little me knows your magnificence, so please, let this little me go!”

Zhang Shaoyu was not such a ruthless guy that he would kill a person. He trusted Wu Shao’s apology, so he released him and kicked him in the butt. “Scram! Get the hell outta my sight!”

Wu Shao managed to preserve his life and retreated slowly, step by step.

As for the onlookers, they were really no-good. They praised Zhang Shaoyu as “superhuman” before scattering themselves. Leaving only the whimpering thugs on the ground.

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1. I had wanted to put it as: HIKU! (Lee Sin)
2. Urm…I think they died.
3. Know what? I personally hate these kind of onlookers. They avoid trouble without intention to help, and when things looks ‘interesting’ they stayed to watch. I say, garbage.
4. See? Again, garbage.
6. Tekken.
7. Ooooh, it’s one of those generic lines I’ve always wanted to translate.
8. Just like those Chinese martial arts movie.
9. That’s a good line. I approve.
10. The ‘I’ here is spoken arrogantly like, ‘the great me’.

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