Life In ND Mansion

Part 1
The time was 05:00 AM.

Another morning had arrived for the ND mansion’s residents!


Nanodesuyo never had any problem waking up early in the morning eventhough he always sleeps late at night. Last night he slept at around 01:30 AM since he had to ‘discipline’ some staff members in the basement.

After rubbing his eyes a few times, he took his glasses from the nightstand and wore it in a practiced manner.

He then walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

When he was done it was almost 05 : 20 AM already.

“Hmmm, I have to hurry it up then, today’s an important day desu,” Nano spoke to himself as he changed into a formal shirt and black pants and took his signature lab coat with Hanyuu imprinted on the back from the hanger near the door.

He exited his room to find his personal maid, whom everyone called Onee-chan.
“Good morning, master,” Onee-chan bowed respectfully.

Eventhough she’s called Onee-chan becase she gave such impression for those who met her the first time, she’s actually younger than Nanodesuyo and still in her early 20s.

“Ah, Onee-chan, early as always desu. I’m sorry but can you clean up my room desu? I have to prepare the things for today desu.”

“As you wish, master. Have a pleasant day,” and so the beautiful maid bowed before entering his room.

“Now then…desu…” Nanodesuyo took out the pocket watch inside his lab coat and pondered for a while before finally leaving the place.

His room was in the 4th floor of ND mansion, the highest floor of it and so he went down the grand marble stairs that leads directly to the 2nd floor.

There he met Dudelong and Hikaslap arguing while walking up the stairs, still in their pajamas.

“What’s wrong, desu?”

“Oh, boss. You see, last night Dudelong just won’t admit that his thing is not as long as he claimed! We even had a session last night!” answered Hikaslap.

“Hey! Mine is longer and better! Yours is the short one!” Dudelong responded harshly.

“What! How dare you mock mine! I’ll show you here and now!”

“So be it! Come!”

“Er…..Can you please those kind of talks inside your own room desu? I don’t really mind regarding your two’s relationship but…desu…” Nano took a few step back from the two guys.

“No we can’t have that boss! That’s right! Let the boss decide which is longer and better! Yours or mine!”

“Yeah, boss! We believe in your judgement!”


Before Nano had a chance to cover his eyes, the two reached to their pants intendint to take out their stuff.

“I… I HAVE AN URGENT BUSINESS DESU! SHOW THOSE TO MSIRP INSTEAD DESU!” Nanodesuyo ran down the stairs without even looking back.

“Here! This is my—”

“Ah….he left….”

The two looked crestfallen as the boss left them like that while still holding the list of achievement of their respective ND projects they took out from their pants’ pocket.

Nanodesuyo ran all the way down to the 1st floor hall and gasped for air.

“*Desu* *Desu*” he wiped his sweat with a handkerchief.

“Hm…? What’s the matter boss?” Kuro-pi was sitting on the sofa with his cats clinging to him. One on his lap, one on his head while the last one was sitting beside his leg.

“……n-nothing desu,” Nanodesuyo straightened himself and faked a smile.

“I see… How about a cup of coffee? It’s still so early in the morning, you’ve got to relax right?” Kuro-pi took the cat on his lap aside and prepared another cup of coffee.

“Thanks, I really need it desu,” Nano went to take the cup of coffee but he accidentally stepped on the tail of the cat on the floor.



It surprised Nano who jumped back but unfortunately the coffee spilled on the same cat.


“Sorry desu!”

The cat scampered away from Nano and ran away pitifully.

“Wait! Sorry boss I have to leave now!” Kuro-pi chased after the cat while cradling another one in his hand while the one on his head just yawned.

“……*Sigh* Such a good start for important day….desu….”

Nanodesu took a napkin and wiped the coffee stain on the floor before plopping on the sofa.

“We’re baaaaack!” the main door opened with a loud bang and a tall slim guy stood there like a fool.

“Get outta my way fool!”

A petite blonde girl kicked the guy from behind and sent him flying forward face first.

Beside the girl there were a bearded man with long hair, a very normal looking guy and a guy(?) with long hair.

Nanodesuyo instantly felt that it’s going to be a very long morning as he covered his face with both palms in resignation.


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