Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – 10800 Flip

“Outta the way!” It was the first time Zhang Shaoyu was being pursued by people after his life, and in his panic,he ran screaming through the school without any regard to where he was going. He sprinted through the school corridors, pushing his oblivious classmates out of the away, leaving a mess of fallen students cursing in his wake.

School was in session, so the school was full of students. Some of them, who were completely bored out of their mind and happened to glimpse Zhang Shaoyu running while being chased by a group of five men, rushed out of their classrooms to watch.

“That guy in front looks familiar, where have I seen him again…?”

“Huh, wasn’t that guy the NTRed ‘good guy’ king?”

“You’re still calling him the NTRed? Didn’t you hear? Some foreign girl came to school and confessed to him yesterday!”


“Not only that, I heard his homeroom teacher was scolding the NTRed guy and got his chrysanthemum flower burst by that very ‘good guy’ king. He’s still in hospital undergoing complex anus treatment!”

Hearing such a horrifying story, all those who present clamped their legs together and spoke in admiration, “To think that he would burst a teacher’s chrysanthemum…He’s definitely the very reincarnation of Kratos!(1)

Trailing behind Shaoyu, the Mohawk leader bellowed, “Hey! Fucking brat! Stop running and face me! You chicken, running away like that!”

Getting mocked like that, Zhang Shaoyu got pissed off and looked over his shoulder, still running, to yell back at them, “Fuck you! I can pound you people flat in a second! You guys are just a group of monkeys with an IQ of eighty! You should be thankful that I didn’t!(2)

Zhang Shaoyu’s insults enraged his pursuers, and one after another, they each pulled out a glinting fruit knife. Gripping his knife tightly, the Mohawk leader smirked, before gritting his teeth in anger. “Wanna see who pounds who now?”

Zhang Shaoyu was kind of a delinquent, but he had never fought with a knife. Having lived in the ivory tower(3), the moment he saw a knife, a cold shudder sprinted all over his body and he cursed loudly, “Fuck! They have knives! Are they filming some martial arts(4)movie now!?” He had no choice but to speed up.

At that time, Lizz was on top of a tall building observing the situation.The moment she saw the outcasts pulling out weapons, her cheeks puffed with anger. “Hmph! Those worthless dogs! That many against one is already cheating, and now they dare to use weapons?This is too much!”

Lizz used a brush to draw a magic hexagram on a sheet of white paper, then put her palm on it,quietly muttering an enchantment, “Oh,fairy of wind flying free in the wind! Grant me thy invisible wings, to soar through the sky! Enhance Agility!”

The hexagram immediately emitted an eerie green glow, causing a tentacle-like long and thin thread to float up from it straight towards Zhang Shaoyu.

Meanwhile, Zhang Shaoyu was still sprinting at full speed. He had ran from the first floor to the sixth floor,back to the first floor, and through all the corridors almost four or five times already, which was approximately two kilometers in total. Since absorbing the Sacred Blood Stone, Zhang Shaoyu’s stamina had grown by quite a substantial amount.Even though he had ran such a distance, he was not at all short of breath.

Behind him, the punks were gasping for breath and drenched in sweat.The punk with the golden retriever face gasped, “B–Boss! Who is this brat? How can he keep running like this? Even I’m dying here!”

The Fatso replied, “He must be on steroids!”

The Mohawk-haired boss ignored Fatso and ordered the Golden Retriever, “At this rate we’ll never catch him. You go with the other two and block his escape route, Fatso and I will keep chasing him.”

Golden Retriever nodded and took the other two with him.

Seeing Zhang Shaoyu running through the corridors, the other students cheered him on from the side to join in on the fun.

“Keep it up ‘good guy’ king! Don’t lose to those outcasts! Even stealing a punk’s girlfriend, way to go!”

“That’s not it! I heard that he was aiming for the punk’s mother!”

“Oh my god! So the ‘good guy’ king likes ’em both old and young?”

“Fuck off!” Zhang Shaoyu was so pissed off at the people talking trash about him that he felt like crying. Since when did I try to get a punk’s girlfriend? And when the heck did I try to get a punk’s mother? Also, likes ’em both old and young? I think you’re the one swinging that way!

Zhang Shaoyu wondered if the trash would be so talkative after a thorough slapping, but seeing the Mohawk-donning punks close in behind him, he resisted the urge.

By then, all of Zhang Shaoyu’s classmates recognized who it was running around the entire school. His girl yesterday had already burst the teacher’s chrysanthemum, and today he was ‘playing’ around with punks. Was there no end to it?

Wu Shao and Ma Li were amongst them, and when Wu Shao saw the punks he jumped in surprise. He ground his teeth in anger while thinking: Those punks are really fucking stupid. Don’t they know they not come into the school? And they were stupid enough to pull out those fruit knives in front of everybody! Fuck them!

Beside him though, Mali was smirking. “Hmm…That shithead Zhang is fucked now!”

The school building’s layout was very simple. It was rectangular with a staircase on both the east and west side. Shaoyu’s escape route was simply running up the east staircase, through the corridor, and down the west staircase. With that, it would be enough to keep the punks at bay and wear down their stamina until they collapsed.

Zhang Shaoyu was currently on the sixth floor, not far from the west staircase. Just as he was about to dash down, he saw Golden Retriever coming up, holding a fruit knife, along with the two other punks behind him. With an angry yell of, “Where do you think you’re going!” they raised their knives, ready to cut down Zhang Shaoyu.

Zhang Shaoyu didn’t believe that these punks could actually devise such a plan. With the Golden Retriever in front and Mohawk behind, Zhang Shaoyu was trapped in between with virtually no way to escape.

The worse thing was that Zhang Shaoyu was running at full speed and couldn’t stop himself in time. The very next moment, he would be cut down by the knives.

Some of the watching students screamed,worrying about the safety of their ‘girl-picking’ hero and not even finding the time to come up with new gossip.

“Go to hell!” Golden Retriever stepped forward and swung his knife ferociously to cut down Zhang Shaoyu.

At this critical moment, Zhang Shaoyu glimpsed some greenish thread floating around him. He had no idea what it was, but his feet suddenly felt stronger, his body was as light as a feather, and for a moment, gravity didn’t seem to exist.

He didn’t know what was going on, but he suddenly had a crazy idea. Before the knife could cut him, he stomped down on the floor hard and jumped. He jumped up three meters and did three somersaults in the air, before using the top of Golden Retriever’s head to launch himself over the three punks, landing safely and continued his run.

The students looking by the side were shocked into silence for a several seconds, before erupting in cheers the next moment. Not only did he jump as high as three meters, he also somersaulted three times in the air – even a hardcore action movie star couldn’t do something like that! What was with this guy?

Zhang Shaoyu’s classmates were even more surprised. They had known Zhang Shaoyu for two years already. They knew he lacked discipline, was lazy, was not good at sports, and had been rejected by girls no less than twenty times. They had always regarded him as a failure or an incompetent.

Who would have ever guessed that he hid such an ability, such concealed talent? No wonder he wouldn’t give up even if rejected twenty times. ‘Ain’t no mountain too high to climb’ eh?

Some of the girls Zhang Shaoyu had chased after, who were among the audience, started feeling a twinge of regret in their hearts. If he had such hidden talent, why hadn’t they accepted him back then? He could be an action superstar someday!(5)

Seeing Zhang Shaoyu charge straight at Golden Retriever, Wu Shao thought that Shaoyu would definitely be cut down. He grinned wickedly and the words “That’s what you get for crossing me,” were on the tip of his tongue, but Zhang Shaoyu unexpectedly pulled a 10600 stunt(6). Wu Shao was shocked, and could only stare on stupidly. Shaoyu’s crazy stunt had forced him to swallow his words.

“How is that even possible? Isn’t that just too much?!” said Ma Li, entranced.

The golden retriever-faced punk and two others stared blankly. The only thing they felt was a gust of wind and a shadow passing above them, and as they continued wondering what that was, Zhang Shaoyu had already vanished without a trace.

The three were still standing there, rooted to the ground as Zhang Shaoyu made his escape. They were completely unable to comprehend the situation at hand. Was this guy able to do the ‘Tie Zhang water walking’(7) or was he capable of ‘shunpo’8?

“Hey! Get the hell outta my way!” The golden retriever-faced punk’s group hadn’t recovered from their surprise, and yet, Mohawk and Fatso was running at full speed towards them and couldn’t stop in time.

The high pitched scream of five men crashing into each other echoed through the hallways as they fell down the stairs in a tangle of limbs. They rolled and rolled down until they finally stopped, sprawled on the floor, completely immobilized.

The teachers were well aware of the situation at hand.In fact, they had been observing the incident since the very beginning. At first, they had wanted to act the heroes in front of the students, but the moment the punks pulled out fruit knives like a pack of homicidal maniacs, who would risk their own lives to stop them? And so, all the teachers cowered and hid in the office as if nothing was happening.(9)

But now that the punks were unable to do anything, the teachers charged out of the office towards the weakened punks as if racing each other. They surrounded the punks, kicking and scolding them before tying them up like crabs and parading around the school yard, showing off their ‘achievement’ before taking the punks to the police station.

Their acts only made the students raise their eyebrows, though. Almost everyone had been watching from start to finish, and they were not so stupid as to believe the teachers’ acts. Thus, the teachers’ efforts to claim the credit earned only their student’s scorn.

Zhang Shaoyu watched the punks get dragged off as he sat on the floor catching his breath. Recalling the event, he himself found it hard to believe. He jumped three meters high, somersaulted thrice, and continued on running afterwards. How was that even possible?

Wait a minute, I remember seeing some kind of greenish thread before I jumped.What the heck was that? Did that have something to do with this whole incident?

Soon, a lot of students gathered around Zhang Shaoyu, pointing at him and whispering one to another endlessly.

Zhang Shaoyu felt weirded out. More than uncomfortable, he rushed to his classroom while keeping his head down.

Hidden in the midst of the crowd, a girl stared at the fleeing Zhang Shaoyu with a confused look on her face. She whispered to herself, “Was that magic? Is that guy a mage too?”

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1. God of War someone?
2. Then why run away…? *facepalm*
3. A saying(?) that refers to being innocent or blind to the outside world. Google it.
4. Literally Wu xia. I hate these. I need a better name.
5. Hah! Eat that girls! Happens everytime.
6. Yeah 1060. I think the author made a mistake here. Should be 1080. Or maybe Wu Shao is stupid so 360 x 3 = 1060 for him.
7. A reference to ‘Legend of The Condor Heroes’. To put it simply, ‘body lightweight art’ or something so you can walk on the water or do ‘pseudo’ flying.
8. Instant movement. Go read Negima. Or if you play League, Katarina.
9. As a teacher myself (in the past) I’m ashamed of these pathetic guys calling themselves ‘teachers’.

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