Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Are You the Language Teacher?

Lizz remembered her what her teacher said: “Don’t lose your advantage!” and so she straightened her back, puffed out her chest, and struck a pose with one hand on her waist and the other pointed at the boss. In a haughty tone, she declared, “The stew tasted like a pig’s wash water. I’m just telling the truth. You think I’m scared just because you’re trying to pick a fight?”

The customers were surprised to hear her; despite her petite and fragile look, this girl was a total Yankee!

Zhang Shaoyu put himself between Lizz and the owner’s men (both four heads taller than he was) and tried desperately to defuse the situation. “Mam, this is just a misunderstanding. This girl just came from the countryside yesterday. She doesn’t know a thing, so sometimes she’ll say some weird things without thinking. As an understanding senior member of society, let her go this time, please?”

Lizz had already been in a foul mood after being forced to drink the ‘smelly water’, and her mood had only worsened when the owner tried to antagonize her. Now, after hearing what Zhang Shaoyu said, she was so angry that one could almost see the smoke coming out from the top of her head. I’m a high class mage, as if I’d be afraid of a mere human!

Lizz cut in angrily before the owner could get so much as a word out. “Shaoyu, even together, they have no chance against you! What are you afraid of?” She proceeded to provoke the three ‘opponents’, “Hey, you old hag! If all of you charge together, you might not lose so miserably!”

When she was still young, the owner of the restaurant was the head of the local gang. Just after marriage, she had a personality change and started her restaurant. Those living in the neighborhood who knew about her past would never have dared to offend her.

Being ridiculed this much by some little girl, she exploded with a wrath that could reach the heavens. She screamed loudly, “Get them!”

The two huge men and their two dogs charged towards Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz all at once. Shaoyu just looked to the skies and shouted, “My God! In the morning I’m chased by punks! In the afternoon I’m chased by old men and dogs! What kind of shitty luck is this?”

Zhang Shaoyu swept Lizz up and jumped out of a nearby window like an action movie star, much to the consternation of the customers.

“Through the window? Are they making a movie?”

“Are you joking? Who would ever make a movie about someone wreaking havoc in a soup restaurant? Who would want to watch that?”(1)

“Is that boy a martial arts prodigy or what? Maybe he’s the reincarnation of Bruce Lee!” (2)

Lizz had been gearing up for a brawl, so Shaoyu’s choice of action caught her completely by surprise. She struggled to break free from Shaoyu’s embrace, yelling, “Shaoyu, let me down! I’m going to kill them all!”

Behind them, the owner and her two grunts pursued in a fury. No matter what, after being talked down to by some brat, it would be too humiliating to let the girl get away unpunished. They chased after Shaoyu and Lizz while yelling, “Stinky lil’ girl! When we catch you, we’re going to **** you then kill you!”(3)

Zhang Shaoyu knew that Lizz was at fault for offending them, and even when the owner was angry, he believed that her anger was justified. But when he heard the ‘****ing before killing’ thing, he felt pissed off. He looked over his shoulder while still running and yelled, “You shameless old cows, you dare to chase after such a young girl? In your next life!”

Seeing two old men chasing after the pair of young boy and girl, the pedestrians were astounded. Astonishment soon turned to derision at such blatant cradle-robbery(4) chase.

“Nowadays, old people really don’t act their age, huh? Chasing after a woman in broad day light, what the heck?”

“What’s even more sickening is that old woman. It’s one thing for old men to chase young girls. But an old lady chasing after a young man, she has too much vigor for her age!”

The three oldies only got more pissed off with the public reaction. Those guys started it, and we get branded as the bad guys instead? Fuck!

When they were young, the three of them had been very strong, and even now, they were way fitter than most people their age, but in the end… Age never lied. How could they chase down Zhang Shaoyu, who was strengthened by the Sacred Blood Stone?

The three oldies could only watch as Zhang Shaoyu got further and further away. Unable to chase them down, the three of them stopped running, their breathing ragged. The boss stomped the ground in rage. “Damn it! To think that those brats managed to escape!”

Lao Zhou and Lao Huang were already out of breath and leaned on a wall to support themselves. Lao Zhou wheezed painfully, “M-Madam… This time, let them go…Next time when we meet, we won’t let them get away and we’ll teach ’em a lesson!”

Lao Huang seconded, “Yeah! We won’t forgive them!”

The boss responded, “No! It’s not enough to just teach them a lesson! I won’t be satisfied until I’ve flattened them into pancakes! You guys, no matter what you have to do, help me!”

“Dear old lady, do you want my help then?” Suddenly, the three of them heard a female voice behind them.

When they turned around, they saw a tall and slim schoolgirl. She had that charming and flirtatious nature, with a beautiful face and clear eyes that looked like a serpent’s. She also had blood-red eyeliner at the corner of her eyes, and along with her high eyebrows and small nose, she looked like a beautiful snake.

Her twin peaks stood tall and firm, lifting her uniform a bit and exposing just a bit of skin above a short skirt. Her legs were covered with stockings and leather boots. She looked like the typical Japanese high school girl.(5)

Lao Zhou and Lao Huang were stunned. For the two of them, Lizz’s extreme beauty was definitely worth the country’s praise, but they didn’t like her arrogant nature. But standing before them now was this exquisite beauty with a voluptuous figure and a ‘devilish charm’. They couldn’t resist her allure, she was just the kind of young beauty they loved the most!

Seeing the two old men openly staring at the girl blankly while drooling, the female restaurant owner coughed, causing the two men to snap back to reality. They still stole several quick glances at the beauty, though.

The owner was so angry that she stepped forward and spoke rudely, “Who do ya think ya are, huh? Ya dare oppose me too?”

The girl didn’t take any offense at all, and responded calmly, “Don’t you people want to catch those two?”

Before the female owner could even say a word, the two old men interjected in unison, “Absolutely! My beautiful lady, could you help us?”

The female owner, looking down on the two old men as if they were lowly dogs, said nothing. If this girl could help them, why not?

The girl’s lips arched into an eerie a smile and she laughed. “Of course! I can make you run like the wind!”

Zhang Shaoyu was still running while holding Lizz, who struggled all the while, shouting, “Shaoyu, let me down! I need to put down those three old farts!”

Zhang Shaoyu was ignorant of Lizz’s strength, and so he laughed dryly. “You sure are a fearless lil’ lady. Even though they are old farts, they have dogs and knives, while you’re just a fragile girl. It won’t be surprising for you to get beaten and stripped!”

Seeing how Shaoyu underestimated her, Lizz pouted and puffed her cheeks. She then grudgingly said, “Are you looking down on me?”

Zhang Shaoyu chuckled. “My dear lady, with just a few words, you had us chased for an entire nine blocks. How could I be looking down on you after that stunt?”

Hearing Shaoyu’s response, Lizz was unable to decide whether to laugh or to get angry, and said nothing for a while. And then Shaoyu continued, “The moment I became your boyfriend, I swore that I would protect you. I won’t let anyone hurt you even if you’re in the wrong. Even if it’s against the world, I’ll stand by your side!”

Lizz froze immediately. She stopped struggling and just looked at the man carrying her in his embrace. Looking into his eyes, she saw firm belief that wouldn’t falter no matter the circumstances, and felt her heartbeat increase tenfold. Her blood felt like it was boiling, flowing to her head and turning her brain into mush.

My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest…What is this feeling? This guy is obviously weaker than me, so why do I feel so much safer with him by my side?

Lizz asked herself again and again, but she couldn’t come up with an answer, and finally settled for staying in Shaoyu’s embrace silently like a kitten.

Zhang Shaoyu didn’t know why Lizz had suddenly became well behaved, but continued to run until a middle-aged man’s voice called out to him, “Hey! Are you that kid who lives in room 1102 in my block?” The word ‘my’ was somehow strongly nuanced, as if Shaoyu was only able to stay there because of him.

Zhang Shaoyu turned to see a man wearing a suit and glasses. At first glance, he looked like a ‘boss’ of western beggars. He was the previous day’s uninvited guest, Chen Dawei .

Chen Dawei smiled while walking over as Zhang Shaoyu stopped and put Lizz down quietly.

When he arrived before Shaoyu, he pat Shaoyu’s shoulder with his fox-glove clad hands, saying, “Boy, remember me?”

Shaoyu observed the man for a while before he finally said, “Oh! I remember you! Of course I do! You’re the…”

Chen Dawei smiled as he straightened his tie, thinking proudly to himself, I am the owner of the building you’re staying at, how could you forget about me?

“Language teacher!”

Those totally unexpected words almost made Chen Dawei choke himself with his tie. “What? I’m your language teacher?”

Zhang Shaoyu scratched his head. “Are you not…? Then… the geography teacher?”


“Chemistry teacher?”


“Then you must teach social studies!”

Chen Dawei was speechless with anger when Lizz pulled at Shaoyu’s sleeve, “Shaoyu, he was the one that you chased off yesterday, the one who was so scared he ran away like a dog with its tail between its legs.”

Being remembered by such a beautiful girl would make anyone happy, but somehow, Chen Dawei was not happy at all.(6)

“Ah! Yes, yes, now I remember!” Zhang Shaoyu finally remembered.

“Took you long enough!” Chen Dawei took out his handkerchief, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“You are the math teacher right?” Zhang Shaoyu showed an authentic smile on his face, “How is your… chrysanthemum?”

Chen Dawei ground his teeth in fury.Fuck it! This brat is really picking a fight with me! Just you wait till I wipe that smile off your mug!

Actually, ever since Chen Dawei saw Lizz yesterday, he couldn’t forget her. He just kept thinking about her, so much so that by morning, two pairs of his underwear were wet and stained . He came today to snatch Lizz away.

He cared no longer for Zhang Shaoyu, instead taking out a bouquet of ninety-nine roses and presenting them to Lizz. “Young lady, as a young and gallant horse is meant for the hero, flowers are meant for the beauty. This is only a fraction of my deep feelings for you, please accept it .”

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1. I would. It’s something new, right?
2. If you don’t know who it is, I pity you. Really.
3. Oh my. Such rude language. But really, the original was written with ‘X’ too.
4. Dunno what this is? Google it. Learn new terms everyday with MagicalGF!
5. TWIN-MOUNTAINS. STOCKINGS. BOOTS. Admit it. You like them. HIGHSCHOOLGAL! (lewd author)
6. Of course he wouldn’t…

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