Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Wall Jump

“Fuck! Why is everyone out to get me so fucking stupid nowadays!Haven’t they heard of the kind of security they have at schools? What are they thinking, following us in here like that!?”

Zhang Shaoyu cursed as he continuedrunning,butLizz didn’t really pay attention to what he said. Instead, shewas deep in thought,watchingas the oldies gradually reduced the distance between them. Her anxiety increased as she thought, Uuugh…I don’t have any time to prepare magic circles, and without magic,I’m useless! I’m so stupid, why didn’t I study more! If I had learned quick cast, I wouldn’t need a magic circle for every single spell, right?

Lizz criticized herself for her youthful folly, but neglected to think about how she should make up for it.

Zhang Shaoyuhad already planned to run up and down the stairs to tire out the three oldies.

Unexpectedly, when he reached the staircase, it was full of people. He could seehis ‘adorable’ classmates standing on the chairs, cheering him on.

Zhang Shaoyu exhaled in frustration.Youpack of animals, not only do you guys not help me when I’m being chased, but now you’re even blocking my way!

Zhang Shaoyu felt like stopping and maybe slappingall of them once or twice. But, he had no time for his classmates, as the three oldies turned KungFu masters were closing in. Left with no other choice, he ran for the field.

The NanJiang School fieldwas half the size of a regular soccer field. Therewere also two basketball courts beside it, so it was really quite big. The PE teacher had earned the nickname Iron Man after bringing many students to tears by ordering them to run around the entire field. The students were totally wasted after the run; it might be possible that he could tire out their chasers here.

With that in mind, Zhang Shaoyu began to run around the field.

Although classes should have been going on at this time, lots of students and teachers chose to watch the scene as they gathered around the field.(1)

The crowd looked onin horror as the four kept running round and roundthe field. It was a given that since the four ran at such speeds, they broke the school records which had lasted for more than a decade.

“This is unbelievable. From how those three oldiesrun like that, won’t their old bones break under the strain?”

“Look at that. That Zhang Shaoyu guy runs so fast too, even whenhe’s carrying a girl. If he were empty handed, wouldn’t he be faster than Liu Xiang?”

“My goodness! Couldthey all be Liu Xiang’s reincarnation?”

“Hey! Liu Xiang isn’t dead! How can he be reincarnated?”

“Yeah! Liu Xiang can’t be dead! I remember at the last Olympic Games, when he was forced to leave the competition, my girlfriend cried the whole morning. If he died, wouldn’t she cryfor the whole day?”

“Wait, from what you said, it sounds like Liu Xiang had relations with your girlfriend?”

With those words, the audience burst out laughing. It looked like the guy would be awarded the title ofNanJiang’sNTR’edsuccessor.

At that very moment, the three oldies had managed to shrink their distance fromShaoyu to a mere ten meters. That put their target in range of their butcher knives. Disregarding the possible consequences, the female boss swung her knife at Zhang Shaoyu’s back.

Zhang Shaoyu’s perceptive abilities had been increased after he had absorbed the Sacred Blood Stone, and he sensed something flying towards him…No! It’s something like a stick, rather short, and it seemsto be sharp.

He knew that it had to be something dangerous from the wind he felt at his back, and so he twisted his body, evading the blade. As the knife flew past his side, he saw the blade, andhis eyes widened in surprise. Had he failed to evade the swing, a beautiful red rose would have blossomed on his back.

Even though the attack missed, Zhang Shaoyu had slowed down, and Lao Zhou and Lao Huang used the chance to get on his left and right, trapping him in a fierce pincer attack.

Seeing the two butcher knives coming at him, the inexperienced Zhang Shaoyucouldn’t react. Of course, with his lack of combat experience regarding matters of life and death, facing two men swinging butcher knives at him was nerve wrecking. Zhang Shaoyu paled and staggered, almost falling.

Lizz got a bit annoyed,knowing as she did that Zhang Shaoyuheld such power but was ignorant as to how to utilize it. But, she could not afford to waste time thinking,gatheringher magic and shootingit towards the left and right, hitting Lao Zhou and Lao Huang’s wrists respectively.

She used the magic to cut off the blood supply to their wrists, paralyzing their hands and causing them to drop their knives to the ground with a ‘clang’. Fortunately, they managed to pull their legs out of the way in time, or they would have most likely lost some toes.

Zhang Shaoyu was flabbergasted, unable to understand what had just happened, but seeing the weapons dropping to the ground, he took it as divine intervention.Why not use the chance to escape? He exhaled, and pushing off the ground with the desperation of a cornered animal, he soared into the sky as he jumped tens of meters thanks to the Sacred Blood Stone, leaving a deep imprint of his foot on the track field behind him.

The female boss yelled at her frozen subordinates, “What are you two doing? Grab the knives and chase after him!”

The two immediately recovered from their confusion and picked up their knives before continuing the chase.

Lao Zhou asked inthe middle of run, whispering to Lao Huang, “Lao Huang, why did you drop your knife just now?”

Lao Huang tried to recall, but still looked puzzled, “I don’t know…It felt like that girl touched my wrist, and I lost all strength in my grip and dropped the knife. How about you?”

Lao Zhou answered, “Y-Yeah, that happened to me to. That’s so creepy, why did it happen?”

“Hey! What are you two whispering about? Run faster!” The female boss yelled at them, and the two old men stopped talking to run faster.

The four were drenched in sweat from all the running, but after five minutes,therewas a distinct difference between the two groups. Zhang Shaoyucontinued to increase his speed,relying on the power of the Sacred Blood Stone, while the other three gradually slowed down as the spellon them began to wear off. Lao Zhou realized this and said to the boss, “Madam, time’s almost up! At this rate, it’s useless, we need to change tactics!”

The female boss also noticed that they were slowing down. Feeling impatient, she asked them, “Do you guys have a plan?”

Lao Huang said, “The brat is just running in circles, it seems he’s trying to tire us out. In that case, why don’t we surround him from three directions?”(2)

The female boss exclaimed, “You’re right, let’s do this!”

Meanwhile, Lizz had been observing the three, and now, she began to feel some powerful energy from within Zhang Shaoyu, his eyes bursting with power.She turned to him, aware that he most probablystarted using the Sacred Blood Stone’s power. It seemed that even though the three oldies were running faster with the assistanceof magic, shaking them off now wouldn’t be difficult. Looks like Shaoyu was capable of utilizing his body’s resources when push came to shove.

Switching her gaze back to the three pursuers, she saw the trio break off in three different directions and immediately realized their plan. She implored Shaoyu urgently, “Shaoyu, this isnot good! They are going to flank us from three directions!”

Zhang Shaoyu, surprised, glanced back. He could see the three taking separate paths to flank him from the left and right.He had to lose them before he was surrounded.

Zhang Shaoyu quickly decided to turn right since there was no one there to block his way. He immediately regretted his choice, though,as at the end of the road he choose, between the library and the staffs quarter’s, was a wall.

Sinceit was a dead end, not many people came this way. For this reason, a lot of people have their secret rendezvous and affairs here at night. Because of this, the spot was called the ‘Connecting’ Paradise (use your imagination to come up with something else that ‘connects’ between a guy and a girl), andalso held the title of the Free Hotel Road.(3)

Zhang Shaoyu deeply regretted his choice. Instead of escaping, coming this way had likelysealed their fate.(4)

Lizz saw the end of the road and was surprised. “Shaoyu! It’s a deadend, what do we do?”

Zhang Shaoyu immediately turned around in cold sweat and was surprised to see that histhree pursuershad arrived. Their eyes were bloodshot and were clearly enraged. Both of them were probably going to be butchered with those meat cleavers.

Zhang Shaoyuwas desperate, and turned his eyes towards the dead end. There was nothing that could save him, only three tallwalls and nothing else.

“Wait a sec! Walls?!”

He immediately recalled something he had seen before. It was a crazy idea, but he was at the end of theline and the situation called for extreme measures. He charged towards the wall on his left.

Some students who wanted to see all of Zhang Shaoyu’s ‘action star moves’ followed him to the Hotel Street and saw Zhang Shaoyu run at the wall with all the speed of a gust of wind. One of them commented, “Is he trying to commit suicide by banging his head againstthe wall?”

Before the others couldcomment any further, Zhang Shaoyuhad already planted one foot on the wall at full speed!

Zhang Shaoyu unleashed all hisstrength, contracting his muscles liketightly winded springs and then releasing them all at once.

The wall caved in deeply, while Zhang Shaoyujumped away in the opposite direction from the momentum. He flew, like a rocket,up to the rooftop of a building four stories high opposite the school.(5)

Everyone present was dumbfounded.They were unable to think clearly, and they could even be forgiven for forgettingtheir father’s names, or even whether they were male or female. (6)

“Did you see that? He just flew four fucking stories high.Is he even human?

“What kind of master is he? Tomb Raider? Huashan Shaolin? Or is he the Prince of Persia?”

“Fuck, you can’t even call that a jump anymore, right?”

The three oldies were out of breath and could only watch as Zhang Shaoyu flew away.Lao Huang asked, “Madam, we had the dog cornered, but he just flew away! What do we do now?”

The female boss had run out of steam and could only stand there, speechless.

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1. Seriously!? Teachers!
2. Finally. Retards.
3. It’s my version.The original from deadpan (Saekano translator): It’s actually a homophone of ‘xingyu’ 幸域 and 性欲, meaning ‘fortunate domain’ and ‘sex drive’ respectively.
4. Bad end. R*ped. Try again?
5. This is what a triangle wall jump should be… shame on you Lara C***!
6. Beyond retard level.

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