Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 I’m Very Modest?
The moment they arrived home, Zhang Shaoyuplopped down on the sofa and sighed deeply. “Fuck me, my bones are creaking. I never expected fighting to be this tiring.”

Zhang Shaoyu thought that he had overworked himself, but Lizz knew the truth. It was because Zhang Shaoyu’s body was still unused to the Sacred Blood Stone’s power.Not to mention he had wasted a lot of it unnecessarily. For example, only one percent of that power was needed to blow a man away, but Zhang Shaoyu had used more than ten percent and exhausted his body due to his lack of control.

Lizz smiled and asked him, “Shaoyu, would you like some of the broth I made for you?”

Zhang Shaoyu felt grateful and happy upon hearing that.Lizz is so nice and caring! He nodded excitedly as Lizz prepared a bowl of snake eye and rat hair broth for him. “Here, eat it while it’s hot!” If only he knew what kind of broth it was, his reaction would have been very different.

Zhang Shaoyu was already thirsty, and immediately drank the broth without holding back. In that manner, he finished several bowls in a row with ever increasing gusto. At the very end, he even drank the broth directly from the pot, leaving not a single drop. Zhang Shaoyu patted his belly and finished with an excited cheer, “That was so good!”

Lizz was overjoyed to see Zhang Shaoyu happily drinking her broth.She smiled brightly and asked, ” Shaoyu, how is it? Do you feel better now?”

Zhang Shaoyu tried to flex his arms, and found that not only was the pain gone, his whole body was full of energy, as if he had just woken up from a fulfilling sleep.

The puzzled Zhang Shaoyu observed his own body before asking, “I feel… I feel so much better? What kind of broth is this? It’s way more effective than Huang Dao Yi!(1) Lizz, you have to teach me the recipe!”

Lizz smiled proudly and boasted, “This broth’s recipe is a woman’s secret, it’s not for guys!”

With that response, Zhang Shaoyu sighed and complained, “If you don’t teach me, I won’t be able to drink it when you’re not around, will I?”

In Lizz’s mind:If I teach you the recipe, you won’t drink it anymore! so she told him, “It’s okay! I will be sure to make it for you everyday!”

Lizz only meant to hide the broth’s ingredients so as not to scare him off, but for Zhang Shaoyu, he took her words as a sign of her deep love for him,that she wouldn’t ever leave his side and stay with him.

Zhang Shaoyu happily replied, “Then, would it be a problem for you if I cook sweet and sour pork for you everyday?”

Lizz was a big eater and had no problem with that arrangement at all, so she shook her head and patted her stomach. “Shaoyu, I’m hungry, when will it be ready?”

Zhang Shaoyu glanced at the clock and saw that it was already past eight. “That’s right! I’ve had broth, but Lizz hasn’t eat anything yet!” He quickly went into the kitchen, only to find a nasty surprise. “Huh? Where’s the ribs I bought? Oh shit! I must have left them in that alley! Damn it! Those bastards, I forgot my ribs because of them!”

He couldn’t cook the food without food to cook, so he walked out of the kitchen and said dejectedly, “Lizz, sorry, I lost the ribs.”

“Sweet and sour pork~ Lalalala~ My food!” Lizz was humming happily as she waited. The moment she heard the unexpected words from Zhang Shaoyu, she jumped up and stared at him with blank eyes full of resentment. “What… did you say…?”(2)

Zhang Shaoyu got a bit scared with the sudden glare and said weakly, “If you want to eat, I don’t mind going out to buy it again, but I might not be able to at this hour.”

It’ll be totally fine for him to do that, but he had already run around a lot today. I think it’s too much to ask him to go out again. With that in mind, even if she was a bit disappointed Lizz forced a smile and said, “There’s no need to, skipping one meal isn’t a problem. ”

Of course Zhang Shaoyu didn’t have the heart to leave Lizz like that, so he pat her head and told her, “Well, there are other ingredients in the fridge. I won’t be able to make sweet and sour pork, but I can cook something else. I can guarantee that they’ll taste better than my sweet and sour pork.”

Lizz clapped her hands and smiled “Hurray, hurray!” Whatever it was, she thought that it’d be better than having nothing to eat.

Shaoyu immediately perked up at the sight of her smile.He rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen, calling, “Just wait there.”

Lizz waited in the living room, sometimes playing with her fingers, and sometimes peeking in Shaoyu’s direction. She felt a strange emotion in her heart.This guy is a hardworker. He takes matters into his own hands without complaining every single time. When faced with an enemy, he protectsme with his own body.

“Huuu…” Lizz sighed. If I really drained him of the Sacred Blood Stone’s power, he would be dead. He’s such a rare person who is nice to me, why do I have to kill him with my own hands…? Hmmm…Is there any way to regain the Sacred Blood Stone without killing Shaoyu…?

Even though she kept thinking it over, she was unable to figure anything out before Zhang Shaoyu came out of the kitchen with various dishes. “Lil’ girl, I made you roasted potato with beef and chicken wings, with aCoke on the side. I’m sure you’ll say it’s very tasty!”

Lizz was excited when she smelled the food in front of her, but the strange feeling from before kept her from starting immediately. Shaoyu has taken care of me, protected me, and he’s very nice to me.Where else can I find a person like him?(3)

Lizz’s mood soured, and she ate quickly before locking herself in her own room.

Zhang Shaoyu thought that she was sad because she hadn’t beenable to eat her favorite sweet and sour pork. He decided to buy more ribs for her tomorrow.

Having decided what to cook for her tomorrow, he laid on the sofa and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Zhang Shaoyu was cooking breakfast as usual when Lizz came out of her room, still holding her pillow and half-asleep. “Shaoyu, I don’t want to drain you.”

Zhang Shaoyu looked towards her and saw that her clothes were disheveled. She wore his pajamas, and since they were too large for her, the area from the neck to the chest was exposed, showing quite an eyeful.

Fortunately, only a small part of the chest area was left exposed, otherwise Zhang Shaoyu would have spurted three liters of blood and fallen unconscious.(4)

Still, in front of this superbly beautiful girl, Zhang Shaoyu’s’ lil bro’ immediately woke up and urged him to go for Lizz immediately, but he reminded himself that he couldn’t. He began to calm himself down, trying to suppress his urges.

After he managed to calm his raging desire, he noticed that Lizz looked dejected. The two black circles under her eyes were even worse than Gaara’s. (5) He got worried seeing his beloved like that, and he took her hand and anxiously asked, “Lizz, what’s the matter? Are you sick? Tell me what’s wrong, I’ll take you to the doctor!”

Actually, she was up all night trying to find a solution to the problem that had bothered her the previous evening, and felt dejected that she had been unable to come up with one. Now that she heard Zhang Shaoyu worrying about her, she felt even more dejected and withdrew her hand. “Shaoyu, can you not be so nice to me? You can hit me, you can yell at me, you can do whatever you want to me, but if you keep being nice to me, how will I have the resolve to drain you?”

Zhang Shaoyu thought that Lizz was still half-asleep,so he pat her head and gave her a smile. “If you still feel sleepy, go back to bed, you don’t have to wake up so early to see me off. I’ve prepared breakfast and lunch for you, you should eat when you wake up later.” He went to pick up his bag and head out.

Lizz was unable to do anything but stare at his back as he left, before finally sighing and returning to her room.

Zhang Shaoyu remained focused on his way to school. When he arrived he felt as if a lot of people were staring at him, but he paidthemno mind and went straight to class.

Upon entering, he saw that most of his classmates were gathered together near his table and were talking about something. What kind of shit are these animals talking about now?

The class monitor He Ying chose that moment to greet him, “Zhang Shaoyu, did you offend someone out there? They even came all the way here to do this!”

Zhang Shaoyu was surprised for a moment. “Aside from Wu Shao, who else can I offend?”

“Go and see for yourself!” He Ying pointed at the crowd of students near his table.

The puzzled Zhang Shaoyu went to his seat, the other students making way for him. He ignored them and looked at his desk. On the table was written a large red letter, similar to those when you had a debt or something.

When Zhang Shaoyu saw the mark, he was enraged and slammed his hand down on his desk hard, bellowing, “Who the fuck did this!” The Sacred Blood Stone immediately reacted,his imposing aura suppressing everyone around. It made his classmates feel as if their hearts had stopped, and some almost fainted.

While some were frightened, some were whispering among themselves and even laughed. Still, the moment Zhang Shaoyu glared at the laughing lot, they went silent.

He Ying, as expected from the chivalrous type, came over to him. “What are you shouting so loud for? The class is already so frightened of you, you might give someone a heart attack.”

Zhang Shaoyu replied sarcastically, “If it was your own desk vandalized like this, wouldn’t you shout too?”

He Ying was stunned for a moment, but still managed to reply back, “Of course I wouldn’t shout out loud like that! I might yell a bit though.”

Zhang Shaoyu rolled his eyes, not interested in talking nonsense with her, when suddenly the ‘loudspeaker’(6) amongst the crowd told him, “My good brother, why don’t you take a better look at what’s written on it?”

Zhang Shaoyu only shouted because she saw the huge red letter on his desk, but he didn’t actually read it.

He hesitated for a bit, but finally relented and read the letter:’I’m very modest’.

Zhang Shaoyu’s lips twitched, unable to make sense of those words, before finally saying to himself, “Did the mental asylum have a holiday yesterday? What lunatic has been writing on my desk?”

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1. It’s a TCM. This one : By no means I’m selling these but since I can’t find a wiki or similar page… and it’s actually legit. I used it a few times.
2. I’m sure it’s yandere yes. Lovely.
3. Come to meeeee. 😀
4. Only blood…? *wink wink*
5. Google who’s this if you don’t know. Tho I’m sure 99.99% of you NEETs(?) know who that is.
6. Remember? It was one of his ‘friends’ in an earlier chapter.

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