Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – I’m participating in the track and field tournament?
When Zhang Shaoyu arrived at school, he was infuriated to learn that Wu Shao was still absent. “If I meet him on the street, I’ll grind his bones to dust!”

Zhang Shaoyu put his down bag and sat idly, when suddenly, the class rep He Ying approached him. “Zhang Shaoyu, good work, glory for the class!”

Zhang Shaoyu scratched his head.Either this lady has taken too much medication, or hasn’t taken her meds yet at all.What have I got myself into? Oh, I know! She must be here to tease me about the stunts I did yesterday…I thought she was such a level-headed girl, but to think that she’s actually just another airhead…

Zhang Shaoyu told her, “Class Rep, you of all people should know better, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

He Ying replied, “What misunderstanding? Everyone in school has heard about it by now!”

Zhang Shaoyu sighed. “That was just an act of desperation, I don’t even understand how I did it. It just happened when I tried to protect myself.”

He Ying giggled. “Why are you acting so modestly with me? But, you know, if you really win the championship, even the teachers won’t be able to do anything to you.”

“True, true! That’s what I thought too…Huh? Wait a sec, what did you just say? What can’t be done to me? What championship?” Zhang Shaoyu started to have a bad feeling.

He Ying answered bluntly, “Didn’t you sign up for next month’s Nanjiang City HighSchool Track and Field Tournament? And since it’s a city level tournament, if you manage to win, not only will the teachers be unable to touch you, the principal might even praise you for it!”

The moment Zhang Shaoyu heard that, his face went blank for a moment before he looked at He Ying as if he was looking at an alien. He finally shouted out, his voice an octave higher than usual, “Say what?! Nanjiang City tournament? What the fuck! I’ve never even heard of such a thing, why am I signed up for it?”

All his classmates turned to stare at him.

“Here, look!” He Ying took out an A4 sized paper and handed it to Zhang Shaoyu. The title was printed ‘Nanjiang City HighSchool Tournament Participants’. “See! The first name on the list is yours.”

Zhang Shaoyu immediately focused his eyes on the paper, and no matter how hard he stared at it, it was indeed his name on the first row.

Zhang Shaoyu was overwhelmed with dread as cold sweat drenched his whole body, and his brain recalled the earlier incident with Han Ling. He instantly remembered what happened between him and the girl that made him join the club. My God!? That girl didn’t just coerce me into the club, she also signed me up for the tournament! That girl!
Zhang Shaoyu grabbed the notice, fully intending to rush over to Class Three and demand an explanation from Han Ling.

Sadly, he had not even made it one step out of the classroombefore the bell rang, and he returned reluctantly to his seat. He Ying was struck with a sudden urge to be mischievous as she said to him, “You have to work hard to not bring shame to our class, parkour master!” Then, she giggled before finally returning to her seat.

Zhang Shaoyu sighed deeply. He thought that it was just a matter of joining a club, but how could he have guessed that Han Ling was so vicious as to enter him into a tournament right after he joined the club? Not to mention she even put the notification up for the entire school to see. There was no way he could escape now, right?

In his mind, he thought that he could only run that fast because someone chasing him was after his life and it somehow triggered his hidden potential, but that was all. How could one feel his life was in danger in a track and field race? With his usual speed, don’t even talk about winning the tournament, even reaching the finish line would be an achievement.

When all three classes finally ended, Zhang Shaoyu immediately took his bag and ran straight to class three looking for Han Ling. The moment he arrived at the door he yelled out, “Han Ling, get over here!”

The members of Class Three were packing their things and getting ready to go home, but the moment they heard Zhang Shaoyu, the parkour master’s voice, everyone looked at him with eyes full of excitement and expectation, as if they were looking at a superstar. Since they were waiting for things to happen, those who originally were packing their stuff in a hurry suddenly dropped to a snail’s pace. What hurt Zhang Shaoyu even more was the fact that some of them even intentionally poured out the contents of their bags again.

Zhang Shaoyu’s lips twitched as he thought,These bastards, won’t they leave until I smack some sense into them?

At that moment, a girl’s voice could be heard from around the corner, “Hey! The parkour master specifically came here to ask you out! Why don’t you come out?”

“I’ll smack you!” Han Ling retorted loudly, as she came forward with another girl beside her. She told Zhang Shaoyu immediately, “If you’re here to ask me out, I suggest you to give up!” Still, her expression said, ‘I might say that, but if you are serious, I might think about it.’ (1)

After that, the students of Class Three began whispering among themselves while keeping their line of sight on Zhang Shaoyu and Han Ling.

“Hey! It seems the parkour master has his sights on Han Ling now.”

“Such guts! To dare to approach that Han Ling, does he want flirt with someone Li Yulong had his sights on? His father is in the CPPCC(2)…He’s the secretary there, isn’t he?”

“What! He’s just the secretary? I thought he had more power!”(3)

“Even though he’s just a secretary, he still holds a lot of authority, no civilian would dare to anger him.”

“To target such a girl, the ‘good guy king’ sure is brave, huh?”

“But, then again, we get to see a good drama right? It’ll be fun to watch if Zhang Shaoyu actually managed to score Han Ling. This will be a very interesting story indeed.”

Just like that, everyone around them laughed in secret.

Zhang Shaoyu’s five senses had been enhanced ever since he absorbed the Sacred Blood Stone, so he could hear them all clearly. Hearing those words, he felt like giving them a piece of his mind, but he suppressed it and held out a piece of paper before Han Ling.
“What’s this?”

Han Ling looked at the paper before answering innocently, “Oh! That’s the list of track and field competition participants. Oh, right, you better train hard, don’t sully our school’s name!”

“Fuck! I didn’t ask you what this is! Arghhh! I wanted to ask you what…No! I mean…!” Zhang Shaoyu grew so frustrated that he was unable to express himself clearly. “Arghhh! I want to ask you, why the fuck am I on this list of participants?”

Han Ling asked him back, “You’re part of the track and field club, there’s a competition next month, what’s wrong with you participating?”

Zhang Shaoyu cut her off, “I just joined today! No! It hasn’t even been half a day yet! What kind of amateur is allowed to join such important event?”

Han Ling replied, “What? You think you’re an amateur? If you’re an amateur, then that would make our track and field boys cripples.”

Han Ling had always been blunt and so she held nothing backwhen it came to her words. Sadly, amongst the crowd were the boys of the track and field club. When they heard what Han Ling said, they were pissed off and glared at Zhang Shaoyu with rage as if saying, ‘This fucker, we’ll show him when he comes to the track and field club!’

Zhang Shaoyu didn’t realize what had happened in the background, but he wanted to explain to everyone that the incident was just a one-off where he suddenly tapped into his inner strength. But, since so many people saw it, he couldn’t just say that, and especially with so many people around, he could only go silent.

Han Ling continued, “In short, you’re our school’s dark horse contender. You’ll participate in the men’s solo one hundred meters, the fifty meter relay, the hundred meter relay, and the four kilometer marathon. I have high hopes for you, don’t let me down.”(4)

Zhang Shaoyu couldn’t help but shout, “The heck!? There’s more than one event? Are you seriously trying to kill me?”

Han Ling thought that he was complaining that he got too many events and frowned. “True, not even Superman can handle that many events, well then, you don’t need to do the fifty meter relay.”

Zhang Shaoyu wanted to cry but no tears would come out. “And you took away the most relaxing one, fuck me!”

The female fans of Han Ling who stood beside her couldn’t help but laugh when they saw Zhang Shaoyu’s helpless expression. Han Ling finished it off with her final sentence. “The gold medal for the boys’ side is in your hands, I’ll handle the girls’ side!” Then she gave Zhang Shaoyu a wink before going out.

Zhang Shaoyu could only stand there as Han Ling went out before finally muttering, “I really want to kill your father!”

The track and field club boys who saw this immediately went to Class One and reported the whole incident to Li Yulong.

Li Yulong was the captain of the track and field club.He was slender, but sturdy, and was the club’s ace. He often won track and field tournaments, and since he had a cool look like Nicky Wu(5) and the good reputation of his family, he was very popular.

Since the moment he joined the track and field club, he had always had his sights on Han Ling, chasing after her for six years with nothing to show for it.It was like a thorn in his heart he could not pull out.

The moment he heard what the club members said—fueled with additional trash talk—he became furious, especially to hear that Han Ling had said the boys of the club were useless and had even winked at Zhang Shaoyu. He was so angry that steam could rise up from the top of his head.

Li Yulong sprinted with all his might to Class Three, but the two were no longer there. When he asked around the students told him that Han Ling and Zhang Shaoyu had already left.He clenched his fists and angrily ground his teeth. “ZHANG!SHAO!YUUU! Just wait! You dare to flirt with my girl!? I’ll show you hell tomorrow!”

Zhang Shaoyu dragged his exhausted body home. When Lizz saw him, she cheerfully greeted him while shaking his hands. “Shaoyu! Shaoyu! What would you like to have first? The broth or the bath?”(6)

With his mind still on the matter of the club, he couldn’t afford the enthusiasm and answered shortly, “I just want to sit,” and plopped on the sofa, frowning.

The moment Lizz saw a depressed Zhang Shaoyu, she held her hand into a fist and punched the air. “Shaoyu, what’s wrong with you? If there’s someone disturbing you, tell me, I’ll teach ’em a lesson!”

Zhang Shaoyu was amused by how Lizz reacted, so he poked the lil’ girl’s nose before telling her the whole story.

Lizz had wanted Zhang Shaoyu to get a lot of physical exercise for learning magic in the future. And now that he had been chosen to run in such a race, she was so happy that she felt like skipping around. “Running is the best exercise! Isn’t that a good thing? Why are you so sad?”(7)

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1. NTR!?
2. P.S.: STOP these references, it was a hassle to google these kind of things!
3. It doesn’t mean the secretary as those ladies in office with glasses an- ehem. Well, it means:
4. He’ll die.
5. I’m a fan of him too!
6. Or me! Hur.
7. Poor guy.

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