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Happy new Meep


Happy new meep everyone. I wasn’t able to post on Christmas since I was very busy being a riajuu.

So yeah, at least I posted something on new year right? Oh and the secret project(s!) is going nicely. The wait won’t be long.

Anyways, meep!

Lel meep

No no no, this is not an update post. Yet. Just wanted to share this for a good laugh.
I wanted to open my mail early this morning to see what’s going on and as usual found lots of TL requests, PDF and EPUBs requests of obscure series, asking about translation of X progress, or where did (insert translator name here) go? Or even asking about weird things like Nanodesuyo’s gender (Really. And the answer is a Nano. Nandoesuyo is genderless.) So, business as usual.

One thing caught my attention tho. The subject was all capital and had URGENT tag. Since I only use 1 email for EVERYTHING except for my phone (it needs gmail) it kinda worries me coz I tho it was from office. Turns out I had a great laugh.


The numbers are just epic lel. I might even be able to Amurica with that much money. It goes even more than 255 digits. Screw it, let’s buy everything this world have.


Hello again!

Heya everyone, meeper here!
Woah, it’s December already! One year had passed ever since I started MGF…So many things had happened and they utterly rekt my schedule.
I actually planned to release at least 60 chapter of MGF this year. So…I guess I only got to half of it huh, sorry.

Well, anyways, enjoy chapter 27! My plan is to finish at least chapter 30 by Christmas / New Year!

Meeping thanks!


Happy thanskgiving for everyone!
Here’s a chapter of MGF to celebrate.

Oh and, I’m kinda sad with the lack of appreciation on the extras I made….

I’ll cry meepingly at the dark corner somewhere….

P.S I just realized that it’s the 26th November and I posted the 26th chapter

Meepy Announcement

Hello everyone! Another Update from your meeper!

It’s chapter 25 and also I posted a new extras here :


Please do leave a comment or whatever there to motivate me!

Meep, bye.

Happy meepy!

Hello~ your favourite(?) meeper is back with a new chapter!
Sorry for the delays, and if I had to put a list of all excuses, it’d be as long as 1 chapter of magicalGF, so I won’t.

But to put it in simple term, ‘Work been hectic, I moved to a new apartment! And I’m preparing a HUUUUGEEEEEE suprise for you all. Stay tuned!’

Btw, no one actually noticed that I forgot to update the progress bar. That’s sad.

Meepy day!

Meepy day everyone!

Here’s another chapter of magicalGF !

Not much happened in my side right now aside from I’m healing slowly but surely.( I think?)

And…. Do you guys have any question or suggestion or anything for the next post?
I need something new once in a while~

And last but not least, MEEP!