Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Who dares to touch even a strand of her hair!

Zhang Shaoyu said bluntly, “It’s hard to get excited about this.The competition is city-wide. With so many schools participating, wouldn’t it be humiliating to finish last?”

Lizz knew that Zhang Shaoyu’s body had changed after he absorbed the Sacred Blood Stone. He might lose if he were up against magicians specializing in speed enhancing magic, but against mere mortals, how could he?

Lizz said, “Shaoyu, you have to be more confident, you’ll definitely get the first place!”

Zhang Shaoyu smiled weakly at Lizz’s attempts to cheer him up.I’m such a worthless bastard. How can I look so weak in front of Lizz and make her worry? This is a problem I have to solve on my own. I just told her that I would make her happy, and now I’ve already made her worried about me. I really am the worst!

With that thought, Zhang Shaoyu brightened up. “You’re right! If I train a little, even if I can’t win, I can at least finish with my head held high.”

Lizz was about to say, ‘you won’t come last even if you do nothing’, but she swallowed her words. He wanted to train right? Isn’t it a good idea to encourage him?

“Yeah! That’s the Shaoyu I know!” Lizz continued to encourage him. “Then, when you train, can I come watch? I’ll cheer you on!”

Zhang Shaoyu felt overjoyed.He didn’t expect Lizz to be so considerate.Where can you find such a beautiful and caring girlfriend?(1)

Zhang Shaoyu happily patted Lizz’s head and said with a smile, “You’re really nice to me, I like you so much.”

Lizz too felt happy at the sight of Zhang Shaoyu’s sweet smile. “Hey,Shaoyu, what would you like to have first, the broth or abath?”

Zhang Shaoyu perked up. “As a token of gratitude to the lil’ piggy, I’ll cook first!”

Lizz felt even happier to hear that he was making delicious food for her. She clapped her hands and said with a bright smile, “Hurray, hurray! I want to eat sweet and sour pork!”(2)

“Wait just a minute then.” Zhang Shaoyu went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to take out the pork, but, unexpectedly, there was none. This must be how housewives felt. Without pork, how can I make sweet and sour pork?

Zhang Shaoyu went out of the kitchen and saw that Lizz was sitting there, waiting for the food. He grabbed his purse and went to the door. “Lizz, there’s no more pork, I’m going out to buy some.”

Besides gathering the ingredients for the broth, Lizz had been waiting for Zhang Shaoyu for the whole day without any other reason to leave. So, when she heard that Zhang Shaoyu was going out, she immediately stood up and pulled on his sleeve like a spoiled child. “I wanna go! I wanna go! Take me with you!”

Zhang Shaoyu’sone weakness was spoiled children, especially if the child was equipped with mass destruction level of cuteness like Lizz. With her clinging on to him just like Jane to Tarzan, he was unable to say no to her. Besides, getting to hang out with Lizz in the evening?Isn’t that romantic? He immediately agreed to take her with him.

It was rush hour, with a lot of people going home from work or school by the time Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz took their stroll outside. The moment the passersby saw Lizz, they would stop unconsciously for a moment, taken in by her beauty. Let alone men, even women stared at her in jealousy and adoration.

The sight of Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz cheerfully joking and talking with each other stirred the envy of several onlookers. “That guy looks poor and dumb, how could he get such a beautiful girlfriend? This world really is unfair!”(3)

Zhang Shaoyu joyfully walked around while holding hands with Lizz. Being showered with jealous looks, just made him feel proud and even happier.

Lizz had never been to the market before, and when she saw so many people there, she got very excited. She pulled Zhang Shaoyu around as she saw the products of technology and contraptions she had never encountered, such as a hair dryer, or an electric iron. She even asked people if they were magic or magic tools, which made Zhang Shaoyu feele mbarrassed and pulled her away.

Still, Lizz only behaved the way she did because she was exceptionally innocent by nature. Zhang Shaoyu finally relented and let Lizz do as she pleased,so long as she didn’t say anything that would cause trouble. And when she looked like she would, he covered her mouth.

Lizz finally scolded him, “Shaoyu! Why are you always covering my mouth!? I wanted to ask those people some more.”

Zhang Shaoyu rolled his eyes. “Your questions are way too foolish, I don’t want to be seen as some rare animal.”

“What foolish questions!” Lizz wouldn’t give in. “Look at that small iron cylinder thing! It could produce wind, isn’t that weird? It must be a magical tool!”

Zhang Shaoyu sighed. “That’s a hair dryer, there’s something like electric fan inside, it can’t produce wind itself.”

“What’s an electric fan?”

“It’s something like blades attached on a rotating motor. When the temperature is hot outside, the breeze it makes is very cool and pleasant!”

“What’s a motor?”

Zhang Shaoyu was struck with a wave of exhaustion. If he had to keep explaining everything to her, he was afraid they would come to the point he would be explaining the origin of the universe.

Thinking like that, he tried to change the topic and pointed at the butcher shop. “Look, we’ve arrived.” He then went in to talk to the owner.

Lizz knew that Zhang Shaoyu had cut her off on purpose and felt annoyed that Zhang Shaoyu was looking down on her. Lizz was puffing out her cheeks when Shaoyu asked the owner, “Excuse me, what is this?”

Lizz saw her chance to prove to Zhang Shaoyu that she was not an ignorant girl and immediately answered in place of the owner, “I know! It’s pork meat! It goes best if cooked along with a woman’s womb!”

That sentence had such an impact that it almost made Zhang Shaoyu heart stop. Without looking, he could feel the stares of those surrounding them. The owner also made a strange expression before finally putting down his meat cleaver and patting Zhang Shaoyu’s shoulder with a meaningful gaze. “Son, that’s the road to hell, better turn back now.”(4)

Zhang Shaoyu was truly speechless in his anger before he finally looked at Lizz and said in a low voice, “My God, why does everything you say sound so stupid!”

Lizz also felt that the atmosphere had changed,so she puffed out her cheeks while looking down and whispered, “What? I didn’t say anything wrong…Broiled pork meat and womb is not that weird, right?They are used to raise magic power, right? ”

Zhang Shaoyu couldn’t take the stares anymore and so he hastily bought two pounds of ribs before beating a quick retreat with Lizz in tow.

They were out of the market area and in a secluded alleyway before Zhang Shaoyu could finally relax and ask her, “Lizz, where have you been the last few years? Why don’t you even know about the very basics like household appliances?”

Lizz answered straightly, “I was living under my teacher’s care.”

“Your teacher didn’t teach you things like basic household appliances, but taught you to cook pork with womb instead? Are you sure he’s not a cannibal chief from the previous century?”

Lizz got a bit angry. “Do not badmouth my teacher! My teacher is magnificent! He can fly and he’s very strong!”

Zhang Shaoyu just chuckled and poked Lizz’s forehead. “Can fly huh, what’s the title of the novels you read?”(5)

Lizz stomped her feet and said angrily, “Hmph! If you’re just going to badmouth my teacher, I’ll ignore you!” and left in a hurry.

Zhang Shaoyu hurried after her when he heard the voice of someone he least wanted to hear calling out to him, “Zhang Shaoyu, heaven has closed its doors against you, but hell invites you over!”

Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz looked to the source of voice and saw seven people standingat the end of the alleyway. In the very front was the very person Zhang Shaoyu had been looking for the last two days, Wu Shao, and standing behind him were six common-looking thugs. Every one of them looked like they were out for blood and holding a rolled-up newspaper, presumably hiding either metal bars or knives.

The reason Wu Shao hadn’t been to school for the past two days was actually to enact his revenge on Zhang Shaoyu. He went to seek help from the underworld, but it took him quite a lot of money and he had to go through lots of different channels before he finally managed to gather the thugs. Just when he managed to gather them and prepare an ambush in the alleyway, Zhang Shaoyu showed up within the hour.

The moment Zhang Shaoyu saw Wu Shao, he felt a seething anger. Just a few days ago this fucker sent a few guys to kill me, and now he’s gathered even more, how can I hold myself back?

In his rage, Zhang Shaoyu ignored the thugs and bellowed, “Wu Shao! You fucking son of a bitch, I will teach you your lesson today!”

Wu Shao also exploded in rage and ordered his men, “That’s him! You guys help me teach him a harsh lesson right now!”

From behind Wu Shao, a huge man stepped forward. His whole body was muscular and he had an azure dragon tattoo on his well-toned chest.

His name was Wang Yong, one of the mafia in Nan Jiang City, leader of the Azure Dragon Gang. Even though they weren’t very big, they had quite the influence.

He whistled and another five or six thugs came around from the other side of the alleyway, surrounding Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz and blocking off their escape route.

The giant flexed his arms and cracked his knuckles as he ordered, “You guys beat down this brat, rip him into shreds and chop off his hands. Make sure he doesn’t die though, or it’ll be really troublesome.” And then he saw Lizz beside Zhang Shaoyu and let out an evil laugh. “For the girl beside him, bring her to me. We can have fun with her, then bring her to the red light district afterwards.”

Hearing the words of their boss, all the thugs whooped and threw away their newspapers, revealing the knives hidden within, and approached the two slowly. The passersby pretended that they saw nothing and kept on walking.(6)

Zhang Shaoyu heard that the man wanted to take Lizz to the red light district for fun. Even though Zhang Shaoyu was not that street smart, he knew enough to know what that meant. He had heard nothing but bad things regarding it, that women who were brought there could no longer be considered women and were more like objects or tools and treated as slaves for sexual acts.

It was the first time after he met Lizz that he felt so much anger as the men mocked Lizz. He clenched his jaw and fists in pure fury as his body began to heat up. It was as if his anger was trying to jump out of his body. That was how much power he felt flowing in his body, as if the blood carried it all over his body.

Zhang Shaoyu felt his body heating up and getting stronger. His eyes seemed to glow and power could be felt surging from his body, filling the alleyway with an eerie atmosphere.

Faced with such killing intent, all of the thugs could not help but freeze in place.

Beside him,Lizz had gotten angry the moment she heard that the thugs were going to cut off Zhang Shaoyu’s hands. She was prepared to go forward, but she stopped as she suddenly felt the change within Zhang Shaoyu.

While it was true that Lizz was not very tall to begin with, when she Zhang Shaoyu’s backat that moment, she felt that he was very tall and strong. It gave her the illusion that staying beside him would protect her, and that no matter what—even if the skies were to fall down—she wouldn’t be afraid.

While Lizz was in her own world, Zhang Shaoyu took a step forward. The moment his feet touched the ground, it cracked beneath his shoes.

He glared at each of the thugs before slowly growling from between his teeth, “Who dares to touch even a strand of her hair!”

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1. At the MagicalGF translation site ofc!
2. She must have shown him the cute puppy look.
3. That’s life. Bear with it.
5. Again, MagicalGF!
6. Shameful human beings.

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