Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 –I grabbed Lizz’s…

Lizz spoke sternly to Zhang Shaoyu, “Shaoyu, please don’t joke around. I want you to answer seriously, can you do that?”

When Zhang Shaoyu saw Lizz putting on a rare serious expression, he also put on a serious face and turned to face her properly. “I feel like my whole body is heating up inside, it’s like turning on a stove in deep winter. I also feel very strong, like totally invigorated, it’s like drinking a whole box of Red Bull, but thatalone wouldn’t be enough to describe it!”(1)

“That’s fine then!” Lizz nodded, satisfied with his answer.

Lizz remembered her teacher’s lesson.To learn magic there were three basic foundations: unyielding soul, great spirit, and latent magic potential.

The first was unyielding soul, meaning having a sturdy physique. In many types of media like novels, anime, or even games, magicians are portrayed with one thing in common. They have high magical power, but a weak physique. In reality, it wasn’t like that.(2)

To master magic, one must have a sturdy physique. To make a comparison, let’s say a human was a container. In this analogy, the physique would be the material that formed the outer case. Let’s say we pour in magic power, or in this case, water. The more water we pour in, the greater the pressure inside. And if the container was made of vulnerable material, in the end, it wouldn’t be able to hold the contents in and would ultimately break down under the burden, killing the person.

That’s why an unyielding soul or sturdy physique was the first thing needed before studying magic. Without that, there was no chance of learning it.
Next was a great spirit, as in shaping the inner strength. As was just stated, the physique was the container material, but raw material alone couldn’t hold any water inside.

Even if the material was as hard as a diamond, it’s as useful as a piece of stone. A piece of stone couldn’t hold anything inside unless it was made into a cup. Without making the material into a usable container, what use does it have?

That’s why the spirit was needed. A great spirit islike a great artisan, making the sturdy physique into the perfect vessel. The greater the spirit, the better the vessel is, until it’s made perfect to hold the water inside.

Third was the magic potential hidden in the body. At this stage, the magical potential within the body was stimulated. For example, the water poured into a perfect and sturdy container. That was potential. Its purpose was to bring out the full capacity hidden in the human body for it to reach a certain stage.

Only with unyielding soul and great spirit could the inner strength be brought out. With those, it would be easier to stimulate the inner strength, though each person’s capacity was different. This inner potential is originally rather small, and only those who trained hard could cultivate a large amount. What kind of practice was required to reach that point is a separate matter though.

From her observations, Lizz could see that after eating the Sacred Blood Stone, Zhang Shaoyu’s physical strength had improved a lot. Both his body and spirit had been enhanced to such an extent he could pass the first and second stages without issue. Furthermore, since the Sacred Blood Stone had a large amount of latent energy, the moment Zhang Shaoyu ate it, his own inner strength had also skyrocketed, passing the third stage instantly.

Passing these three stages brought Zhang Shaoyu one step closer to the magic world. Still, he could not be called a magician yet. After all, he had not yet made any contract or formed a magic nucleus.

Lizz concluded that Zhang Shaoyu was now in the fourth stage, that was to deal with the whole body.

The goal of this stage is to combine the results of the previous stages and spread them throughout the body. To achieve that for the whole body, the power needed to flow within the internal organs through the nerves and blood vessels, and, in the end, the whole body would be awoken to its maximum potential and would be able to withstand it.

Once, there was a foreign news story that an old woman who saw her grandson crushed under a car. She actually managed to lift the care barehanded to save him. The old woman died not long after that though.

The lesson to take away from the storyisthat to save her grandson,the old woman managed to muster all of the potential within her body, but because it was too intense, the old body of hers could not withstand such force, and so she died because of it.

That’s why the very first stage was to have a sturdy body. Simply put, the stronger the body, the stronger the magic one could learn. With the combination of spirit, soul, and physique, it was all for the purpose of withstanding the effect of magic and not dying due to the backlash.

A great spirit and unyielding soul also helped in this phase. All one needed to do at this stage was further train the body, because essentially one was prepared to learn magic already. The fourth stage was geared towards increasing the body’s capabilities to learn more magic.

There was no actual standard as to how sturdy a body was needed, so varies from person to person. For example, you can train yourself to the point where running five kilometers without breaking a sweat is not a problem. With that, you could just skip over this stage, since your body would already be able to withstand the magic power.

Although Zhang Shaoyu was a lazy boy who would stay home all day playing video games, or to be blunt, an otaku, the Sacred Blood Stone was capable of empowering a person like him to jump four floors high, proving its worth as a truly precious sacred stone.

Still, no matter how much of his inner strength that the Sacred Blood Stone brought out from Zhang Shaoyu, there was no magical core yet. His power was like flowing water without a river to guide it, instead just flowing everywhere aimlessly. As a result, not only was a lot of energy wasted, it would be very hard to control the flow of power.

Lizz knew that Zhang Shaoyu had no idea how to control such strength. That’s why she used the potion to help him.

The potion she gave him worked like some sort of catalyst. It gathered all the scattered strength into one place, then spread it throughout the whole body evenly and repeatedly. This way, the body would get used to the power akin to training and that was also the reason why Zhang Shaoyu felt his body heating up.(3)

Lizz excitedly asked him, “Shaoyu, how about if I make you some more later?”

Zhang Shaoyu felt so happy as he watched the lil’ girl hopping into the kitchen. Where else could he find this kind of girlfriend?(4) He quickly nodded and answered, “Yep! In return, I’ll cook lots of delicious food, sound good?”

Lizz didn’t think that such a low level magic potion would be repaid with lots of delicious food, what a bargain! Lizz nodded her head repeatedly like a chicken.“Yes, yes! I’ll make you more broth tonight, so be sure to make me lots of delicious food!”

Faced with the overly cute Lizz, Zhang Shaoyu couldn’t help but pinch her nose and tease her, “Youlil’ piggy, you sure know how to eat!”

With such close contact from Zhang Shaoyu, Lizz fidgeted and blushed. Still, even though she was a bit surprised by such an intimate gesture, she was fond of playing and so tried to counterattack him. “You dare pinch me, I’ll pinch you back!” However, her arm wasn’t long enough and she was unable to reach Zhang Shaoyu. She pouted and demanded, “Come forward a bit! I can’t reach you!”

Zhang Shaoyu was very amused that he managed to pull a prank on her and decided to tease her more. “Aren’t you pissed off? Come and pinch my nose!”

Lizz, with her childish personality, tried harder to pinch him. I will pinch your nose no matter what! Still she couldn’t reach him no matter how she tried to extendher reach. Seeing his face adorned with a grin, Lizz finally shouted vigorously while launching herself at Zhang Shaoyu.

Zhang Shaoyu didn’t expect her to make such a move and yelped, “Woah! Don’t…” He didn’t manage to finish his words when both of them fell down with Lizz pinching his nose.

“Hah! I got you now!”

But Zhang Shaoyu paid no attention to his nose, he focused everything in his hands instead. Such a soft feeling, is this how those male protagonists in Japanese anime feel?

Zhang Shaoyu was looking at his own hand on top of Lizz’s left ‘mountain top’.(5) He wondered why had he never touched something as soft as this before.Even worse, it seemed that Lizz had nothing on underneath, so the sensation was even more amplified. It was as if he was holding soft cotton candy and this gave him such urge to rub it.(6)

Lizz felt strange with how Zhang Shaoyu was only staring at her without making any response at all. That’s why she suddenly felt her chest tightening as if someone was squeezing them.(7) What followed after was a strange excitement that spread throughout her whole body in an instant.

Breasts were a females’ sensitive spot,(8)and now that Zhang Shaoyu was grabbing Lizz’s, she felt as if an electric shock had run through her body. Her strength had left her and her bones felt like jelly. The Silver Devil (the one she contracted) that usually laid dormant was awakened, and even though Lizz tried to suppress it, her body wanted even more tender affection.

As Lizz’s unique scent entered his nose, topped with the softness of her skin, Zhang Shaoyu was unable to hold on any longer. His lil’ brother suddenly became the mightiest lion(9) and he turned Lizz around,getting on top of her with both hands groping her breasts.

Seeing Zhang Shaoyu wanted to go further, Lizz gently pushed Zhang Shaoyu’s chest away while blushing hard. “D-Don’t be like this!”she said, averting her eyes.

“Ah…” Even though Zhang Shaoyu’sreason was akin to a savage beast’s at the moment, Lizz was someone he loved dearly, so when he heard her reluctance, he did not dare do anything further. Left with no choice, he suppressed his intent and reluctantly let go of Lizz.

Seeing that Zhang Shaoyu wasn’t going to force things his way, Lizz felt a bit relieved. Although, for some reason she didn’t understand, there was also a feeling of regret. Lizz sat up slowly and fixed her messy clothes and hair while looking down with a blushing face.

In the end, Zhang Shaoyu was a virgin with no experience whatsoever, but he was not as thickheaded as one would expect. These kinds of things were the first time for him, and since the other party rejected him, he felt uncomfortable. He was especially afraid of Lizz being angry at him, and so he did not dare look at her and just sat there unable to say anything.

In the quiet roomthe troubled pair of the young boy and the young girl sat back to back in an awkward atmosphere. Both of them hoped that the other would initiate a conversation and so the silence went on for a long time, and they felt even more anxious as time passed.
It was then the 1973’s wall clock made a ‘Dong Dong’ sound twice, telling them it was two o’clock already.

Both of them recovered their state of mind, and Zhang Shaoyu finally managed to say, “I, I’m going to school.”

Lizz, after calming down a bit, managed to open her mouth to answer softly, “Um!”

When he heard that Lizz actually answered him, he turned around and worriedly asked her, “You’re not angry…?”

Lizz had wanted to scold him for a while, but for some unknown reason, the words would not come out and she could only say softly, “Next time, don’t be like that.”

Zhang Shaoyu was truly relieved the moment he heard her words, and swore, ““If I were to assault you a second time, let me be sent to hell and get torn apart by the devil himse—”

“No!” Before he even finished speaking, Lizz covered his mouth.“I won’t allow you to say such things, I don’t want you to die just like that!”

Zhang Shaoyu felt warm inside as he didn’t expect that Lizz would be very concerned with his wellbeing. He held Lizz’s hand and told her with his whole heart, “Then, I won’t die. As long as Lizz stays with me, I won’t die!”(10)

Lizz blushed andsaid softly, “Nonsense…” as her heartbeat rose.

“Well then, I’m going now,” Zhang Shaoyu didn’t hear what Lizz muttered and took his bag as he headed for the door.

“Shaoyu!”Lizz called after him.

Zhang Shaoyu was surprised for a moment before replying, “What is it?”

“When you come back later, I’ll have broth prepared for you!”

Zhang Shaoyu was very happy when he heard that and replied while nodding his head, “Then after school I’ll rush back and cook you some delicious food.”

Lizz smiled at that, to which Zhang Shaoyuresponded with his own before going out.

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1. Won’t it be OD…?
2. No more glass cannon mages. Neat.
3. His body became a car now?
4. It’s just a few clicks away.
5. Get the joke? No? I’m sad…
6. Or maybe fondle? Whatever, I know the feeling so…*cough*
7. Sure there is.
8. Really? Can someone volunteer please…? I want to check it out…
9. HELP!!!!!
10. This chapter is so.very.cheezy.

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