Lel meep

No no no, this is not an update post. Yet. Just wanted to share this for a good laugh.
I wanted to open my mail early this morning to see what’s going on and as usual found lots of TL requests, PDF and EPUBs requests of obscure series, asking about translation of X progress, or where did (insert translator name here) go? Or even asking about weird things like Nanodesuyo’s gender (Really. And the answer is a Nano. Nandoesuyo is genderless.) So, business as usual.

One thing caught my attention tho. The subject was all capital and had URGENT tag. Since I only use 1 email for EVERYTHING except for my phone (it needs gmail) it kinda worries me coz I tho it was from office. Turns out I had a great laugh.


The numbers are just epic lel. I might even be able to Amurica with that much money. It goes even more than 255 digits. Screw it, let’s buy everything this world have.


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2 thoughts on “Lel meep

  1. Why is it I feel that a girl just rejected me, when the reality is that there wasn’t an update.
    Well – reality aside, what an unrealistic string of numbers! Did somebody pay a cat to write that part of the email? “Here just walk across these number keys a few times.”


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