Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Deceit

The female boss could only watch in impotent rage as Zhang Shaoyu flew to the rooftop. Lao Zhou asked, “Madam, what now? That boy can’t be human!How are we supposed to chase after him?”

The female boss thought to herself, I’ve endured the salts and bitterness of life, and these brats are able to get away from me? How can I let this happen to me!?

She grew angrier and angrier, until with an inevitable explosion, she yelled, “Get him! Chase him down until he’s dead!”

Lao Zhou kept his expression blank, but could not keep himself from feeling helpless. That kid could jump up four stories while holding a person. If he’s that strong, even if we managed to catch him, what are we supposed to do?Beat him up? Do you really think we can cut down Ultraman with a pair of butcher’s knives?(1)

Of course,both of them did not have the courage to disobey their mistress. Yet, as the two old men attempted to resume the chase, they suddenly found themselves unable to take another step. They felt the strength drain from their bodies, as if the weight of a thousand stones had been dropped onto their shoulders. Unable to move at all, they just stood still like a pair of sculptures.

At first, the female boss thought her underlings hadn’t heard her and opened her mouth to yell at them.But, the moment she uttered the word ‘you’, she felt every muscle in her body contract in pain, as though her bones were collapsing upon themselves and her nerves were breaking down. She broke out in cold sweat as excruciating pain swept through her whole body, robbing her, a master of martial arts, of even the ability to scream. She could only manage another half step before her legs collapsed like jelly out from beneath her, dropping her to the ground as her body became as still as death himself.

Lao Zhou and Lao Huang were surprised by the sight. Despite wanting to check whether their boss was still alive, the very same pain was currently running through their own bodies. Unable to take anymore, they fell to the ground, falling unconscious.

For the on looking crowd, seeing the three oldies who were so lively just seconds before collapsing came as an extreme shock.What happened? Were they playing dead so that Zhang Shaoyu would drop down to check on them? That was kinda cheap, wasn’t it?

From the roof, Zhang Shaoyu was just as confused to see the three fall to the ground. “How could that energetic bunch just drop dead like that?”

Lizz, who was at his side, knew the reason immediately.

Enchantment was one form of magic driven by the power of incantation. Magicians have enough magic power within their body to sustain the energy consumption. But, if the user was an average human, the enhancement would consume his or her life force instead.

This so-called life force could be simply explained as vitality, blood, air, and spirit.All things that were needed to sustain one’s life. Were one’s life force depleted, their physical condition would decline as well, possibly even being fatal.

The energy needed for this kind of enchantment was like trying to fuel a car, but using one’s blood instead of gasoline. Suicidal, of course. After all, no one had enough blood to fuel a car.(2)

The three oldies had used the enchantment to run as fast as the wind, and the life force that was drained continuously for more than half an hour had already exceeded their bodies’ limits. They just didn’t realize it since the enchantment had still been in effect. But, now that the enchantment’s effectshad ended, they would feel extreme exhaustion as a matter of course. The three oldies lying there on the ground may need two or three years to fully recover.

While the oldies were in tragic condition, the teachers were overcome with happiness. The moment they saw the three thugs fall, they saw an opportunity to clean up the mess and do a ‘good deed’. And so, the teachers of Nan Jiang tied the three up and dragged them to the police station enthusiastically. It would be no surprise if Nan Jiang High School became immensely well-known after this, seeing how the teachers managed to capture two groups of thugs on the very same day.(3)

Seeing things had finally come to end, Zhang Shaoyu sat down on the rooftop, heaving deeply. His mind was abuzz with excitement. To think that he could pull off such a stunt! He couldn’t believe that he had done such a thing.The old him would have been lucky enough just to survive.

Lizz stood behind Zhang Shaoyu, giving him a meaningful look. She thought, He used the Sacred Blood Stone’s power just now. It’s unthinkable that a normal human would be able to control it. The Sacred Blood Stone’s power is the crystallization of Dracula’s powers, being both overwhelming and violent. To be able to tame it, the user needs to have specialized skills, otherwise they would be swallowed up by that power and become something like a zombie.

But Zhang Shaoyu, with no such skill, was able to freely use that power?How could this be?

Zhang Shaoyu saw that Lizz was giving him a weird look and felt a bit hesitant, Could she be thinking I’m some kind of freak? What is she hates me?He gathered his courage and finally said, “Lizz…”

However, when called by Zhang Shaoyu however, Lizz smiled and said, “Shaoyu, that was amazing!”

Being praised by a girl, what man wouldn’t feel happy? Zhang Shaoyu scratched his head and answered sheepishly, “Haha! It was nothing!If I had to, I could even jump ten floors, hahaha!”

By that point, the situation below had already devolved into a mess. The students who had seen Zhang Shaoyu do a 10600somersault already thought he was some kind of superhuman. And after seeing him jump up to the fourth floor like a ninja, they were making even more of a ruckus. Some of them who overheard Zhang Shaoyu even yelled in utter excitement, “Ten floors! Jump ten floors!”

Zhang Shaoyu blinked his eyes in surprise, You fucking animals! When I was being chased not one of you helped me. But now that everything’s over you’re merrily cheering me on! Fuck off!

The one with the loud voice from Shaoyu’s class was even more inconsiderate.Holding up a camera he shouted, “I got the whole thing recorded! Who wants it?”

“Me! Me!” the students shouted one after another, like shoppers during Black Friday.

The loudmouth laughed, “Okay then! It’s ten dollars per person! Get in line!”

The crowd immediately roared like a pack of angry animals, “You dare to charge money for this! You want to die? Fellow classmates, grab it!”

“Grab it!”

The loud mouth was thus drowned in a sea of bodies. (4)

Zhang Shaoyu was dumbfounded.To think that an MV about him was given the same regard as a super star artist’s concert ticket.

Somewhere on top of a tall building, a girl wearing a white summer uniform was watching Zhang Shaoyu. Her slim waist and voluptuous figure, with her towering twin peaks covered by the thin white uniform added even more allure to her already charming appearance. Put simply, any man would be fascinated by the sight of her.

Doubt could clearly be seen reflected in the girls’ eyes as she said to herself, “That guy didn’t use any magic, so how did he jump four floors up like that? I have been observing this place for two years, but I’ve never seen anyone like this in Nan Jiang.”

As the girl was deep in thought, a pair of hands crept up from behind her and captured the mountain peaks in a rough grip.(5)

The girl was utterly shocked and looked behind her to find the owner of the hands to be a tanned,muscular man eight feet tall, carrying a black cello case on his back. Whether there really was a cello in the case was not known, however.

When the girl saw who had grabbed her, her eyes lit up with excitement. Rather than being angry, the woman seemed to enjoy having the man groping her chest so much. She laughed and said, “You fiend, what are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be in Europe looking for the Sacred Blood Stone?”

The man continued to fondle the girl without restraint, deeply inhaling the girl’s scent and perfume while laughing. “Bitch, you’re really killing me here, huh! Give me a kiss!”

The girl gently smacked the man’s well-toned chest muscles, playfully pouting. “Uuu… Just answer the question first…Did you find it already?”

The man’s expression darkened as he answered, “Nah! There were a lot of experts sent by a whole bunch of different sects.Someone snatched the Sacred Blood Stone during the chaos of the melee.”

The girl paled a little. “It can’t be? Didn’t the bishop already send the strongest guys? We even sent three of those crazed Hades’ servants, how could the Sacred Blood Stone have been stolen?”

The man, with an angry expression scowled. “Hmph! At the time, we were fighting with all the big sects. Who’d ever have thought that some small European sect would be hiding nearby?While we were distracted, they managed to snatch the Sacred Blood Stone.”

The moment the girl heard that, she stomped the rooftop angrily. “Goddamn it! If I find the culprit, I’ll rip him into five pieces!” The man chuckled at that, making the girl even angrier. “What are you laughing at!?”

The girl hadn’t even finished talking when the man interjected, “Don’t worry. Did you forget that our Bishop is most famous for his prophecies? He already foresaw that the Sacred Blood Stone will somehow arrive in Nan Jiang. That’s why I was tasked to investigate the place.”

The girl was surprised and giggled, “Really?”

The man nodded and cheerfully answered, “Since when I would lie to you?If we could find the Sacred Blood Stone first, just imagine how we’ll be rewarded!”

The girl instantly brightened and cuddled up to the man’s muscled chest while softly saying, “If we manage to do this… The bishop may even give the Sacred Blood Stone to you! Hey, you fiend, if you do become a bishop, don’t forget to make me the bishop’s lady, kay!”

The man laughed loudly before slipping both hands under the woman’s shirt and saying, “It depends… On whether your skills can satisfy me or not.”(6)

“Hmph! You perv!” The girl replied sullenly before getting stripped naked by the man.(7)

On another rooftop, a woman wearing white priestess robe was observing Zhang Shaoyu and Lizz with a complicated expression. Without saying anything, she raised her hand,causing a hexagram to appear beneath her feet before she disappeared into thin air.

Because of the two incidents Zhang Shaoyu caused, he got called to the principal’s office for a scolding.

After writing a five hundred word letter of apology, he was finally allowed to leave the office. He looked at a clock hanging on the wall to find it was 6 o’clock already. The rest of the students had already left the school by this time. In the empty building, Zhang Shaoyu muttered, “Why have I been so unlucky lately…Did I piss off the gods or something?”

“What do you mean by pissing off the gods?” Lizz popped up suddenly in front of Zhang Shaoyu, surprising him out of his stupor.

Zhang Shaoyu clutched his chest in surprise. “Woah! My grand ancestors, are you seriously trying to give me a heart attack?”

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1. Errr… I suppose you can, but you need a very huge one.
2. Don’t be cheapo. Sell your blood to buy gasoline.
3. Yuck. Again, as teachers I despise these guys.
4. Humans. *facepalms*
5. I’m jelly.
6. I feel like it’ssoooo lewd.
7. Hell Yeah! MEEEEP!

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