Chapter 29


ZOMBIE Meep nanodesu!

Happy meeping thanksgiving

28 thoughts on “Chapter 29

  1. Meep (mèā-p) :
    (1)Sfx: A short inclufluction at the back of the throat produces this sound. It is often used to indicate distress, and is associated with the failed escape of a side character, may have extended vowel(e.g. meeeeeeeep). Sounds used in similar situations also contain repeated vowels: uurk, teehee, fuuee, raafuu, taalii, faakee. Only two letters are used in these entries.
    (2)Noun, Animal: A Meep is a small herbivor, little else is known by the online community. Comment on this post to extend the knowledge of the Internet.

    “I see no comment” – Sad Translator 2015


      • DA MEEP™

        Making a mess in a soup shop DA MEEP is back! The meeper of the meep has returned to meep the city. The commotion sets of a chain reaction that brings every meeper in the city to the GRAND MEEP OFF™ to see Da Meep meep in most prestigious soup shop.

        Staring Da Meep as Da Meep

        Rating Pending

        Meep studios ©

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  2. Saw the chapter 22 and I was like ” Ohh chapter 22″ I searched for the links but found nothing so I clicked the picture. After clicking the picture in brought me to a new tab and showed the enlarge of the said picture, then at the moment the world had seemed to stopped all of a sudden.

    I then click the the go back arrow and I was brought to the chapter 22 tab. Then I searched for the links and still could not found it. I then clicked the picture again and it brought me to a new tab again and also showed the same enlarge of the said picture that I had just clicked.

    I repeated the same process for about 10 times and gave up.
    The morale of this comment is to never give up, who know’s maybe at the 11th clicked, chapter 22 might have shown it self. But I am not a patient man so I gave up. 😀

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