Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Track and Field Club Interview

~Around the same time, a group of people were talking~

“What did you guys write? ‘I’m very modest?'” Li Yulong shouted at his underlings. “Do you shitheads have brain damage? Didn’t I tell you to warn him? What the fuck were you guys thinking?”

The underling lowered his head. “Didn’t you tell me to write ‘modestly’? I did what you told me to!”(1)

Li Yulong suppressed the urge to kick him. “Are you deaf? I told you to write it secretly, not to write ‘secretly’ on his table!”(2)

The underling smiled back. “Boss Long, I’m not a dragon, you are.”

“You…” Li Yulong could not speak due to his anger. The school bell chose that moment to ring, and he scolded his underling, “Go away! Get out of my sight! I don’t want to see you anymore!”

And so the underling left him alone.

Li Yulong slammed his fist on a desk, growling, “Zhang Shaoyu. How dare you flirt with my woman! I’ll get you for this!”

Spending the whole day studying at school without Lizz was depressing, so Zhang Shaoyu immediately began packing his belongings when the afternoon bell rang. If I manage to leave before that girl gets here, there’s no way she’ll still chase me, right?

Sadly, not even a second after he finished his monologue, the classroom door burst open. “Zhang Shaoyu! I’m here to pick you up!”

Zhang Shaoyu jumped in surprise.What the, who’d ever thought she’d be this fast! Oh well, at this rate I’ll just have to play along with her! She can be called my ‘benefactor’ in a sense after all!

Zhang Shaoyu forced a smile and greeted her, “Han Ling, good day!”

“Nothing’s good about today!” Zhang Shaoyu was surprised by her answer as she walked up to him. “Hurry it up! It’s late already, if you keep dilly dallying you’ll have no time for lunch!”

“That’s good then! I can waste some more time!” He felt like retorting, but held himself back.He didn’t want to get a scolding.

In the end, Han Ling dragged Zhang Shaoyu to the field. Standing at attention were two row of students, with girls in front and boys at the back. Ignoring the males, the sight of the girls with their tight, short-sleeved white shirts that accentuated their breasts while standing at attention was truly a sight to behold.

Zhang Shaoyu cried internally, Is this a track and field club or the military? Are you guys running military exercises out here? Do I have to join you guys out here, all day long, everyday from now on? For the rest of my life!?

The moment the boys saw Zhang Shaoyu arrive, their eyes blazed with anger, especially those of Li Yulong. As he was half a head taller than Zhang Shaoyu, he glared down at him as if he wanted to flatten him with his rage.

On the other hand, the girls were looking at Zhang Shaoyu as if he were a celebrity. They loved sports, and ever since they saw Zhang Shaoyu doing parkour at such speed, they had admired him. Not to mention city level, they believed he would easily win even a state level or a national level competition.

Zhang Shaoyu stopped behind Hang Ling, who stood before everyone and introduced him. “I believe you all know the one standing behind me, right?”

One of the girls raised her hand. “I know, I know! It’s the parkour master! Is there anyone in the school who doesn’t know him?” As if on cue, all the girls agreed on the spot.

When Zhang Shaoyu heard that all the girls knew who he was, he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Well, at least they didn’t laugh or look down at him.

One of the guys chose that moment to ridicule Shaoyu, “Hey parkour master, this is the track and field club, not a parkour squad. Are you sure you’re in the right place?” All the guys burst out laughing.

Zhang Shaoyu looked towards the speaker and saw a tall and haughty male. Even though he was tall, he was so thin he could be mistaken for a drug addict. Zhang Shaoyu had never seen him before, but he felt a little disgusted and treated him to a glare full of mockery.

Zhang Shaoyu had wanted to retort, but Han Ling was faster. “Li Yulong, this guy here is someone I specially invited to join, don’t you dare talk rubbish to him!”

Seeing Han Ling stick up for Zhang Shaoyu only made Li Yulong even more jealous. He glared at his rival coldly and mocked him further, “Looking at this brat, he looks so poor he might not even have a hundred in his wallet, huh? You think you can get any girls here? You might get one if you went to the zoo, though.”

The rest of the boys disliked Zhang Shaoyu as well, and upon hearing Li Yulong’s mockery, they all laughed loudly in agreement.

As for the girls, even though they felt like standing up for Shaoyu, Li Yulong was a wealthy person and most of the girls aside from Han Ling were trying to get closer to him. What’s more, ultimately, it was true that Zhang Shaoyu was a third class guy. Well, he had risen up a bit after the parkour incident, but he was still far below Li Yulong. Since the girls didn’t want to upset him, they kept quiet.

Han Ling did not care though, and yelled at him, “Li Yulong! Stop badmouthing him!”

Li Yulong wouldn’t back down and answered, “Han Ling, even though you are the head of the sports division for the student council, I am the captain of track and field club, so I have the final say in this matter. We are a group of high class people, how could we admit a lowly peasant? Wouldn’t he just taint our dignity?” After he finished, he turned to face Shaoyu. “Brat! The moment I saw you, I smelled a disgusting stench. We are members of the high class society, and you’re not worthy of us. Now scram! ”

No matter how patient one can be, being insulted nonstop was just too much. Zhang Shaoyu balled his fists in anger, and was about to punch Li Yulong in the face when a sweet voice called out, “Shaoyu! I brought broth for you!”

The sweet and harmonious voice carried over the field by the wind made everyone there want to listen to it forever. They looked for its source and saw a girl wearing an oversized male pajama shirt approaching while carrying a large pot. She looked so petite and fragile, but it seemed that she had no problems bearing the weight of the pot.

None of them found that important though, since what they were focusing on was her beauty. Her white and smooth skin, beautiful eyes, and perfectly shaped eyebrows made them unable to look away.

Lizz came over to Zhang Shaoyu’s side and cheerfully called to him, “Shaoyu, I made this broth for you, drink it quickly!”

Everyone immediately turned their attention to Zhang Shaoyu, their eyes full of surprise. Could such a beauty actually come over carrying broth for him to drink? That’s impossible, right? Was this a dream?

Even more so for Li Yulong. He was wide-eyed with extreme shock. He had looks, money, potential, and so much more than this third grade citizen, and such a beauty still came over with broth for him? Oh my great grandma, even for the great me, not even once has this kind of great thing happened! He began grinding his teeth in frustration.

Zhang Shaoyu saw Li Yulong’s frustration, which managed to cool his anger. He laughed inside, This lil’ girl came just at the right time! and patted Lizz’s head. “My lil’ piggy, you’re right on time! Here, come to papa!”

“No way!” Lizz cut him short and pressed him, “Shaoyu, drink it already, it won’t taste good if it gets cold,” while handing a bowl to Zhang Shaoyu.

Zhang Shaoyu took the bowl with a smile. The sight of the two lovebirds pissed off the male students, their expressions clearly showing their annoyance.

“Ehem! *cough* *cough*” Han Ling finally recovered and coughed dryly, but she was unable to get either Zhang Shaoyu or Lizz’s attention.

Han Ling tried again with a louder *cough* *cough* as if she was forcing her lungs out. At last the two noticed her and turned around. Zhang Shaoyu immediately understood the meaning of her dry cough, but Lizz as usual missed the deeper meaning and called out to her, “Big sis, it might be better to wear a mask, otherwise you’ll spread it to everyone else…”

With that, some of the girls wanted to giggle but they covered their mouths, while some of the guys just laughed. They earned themselves a glare from Han Ling and shrunk back like turtles.

Zhang Shaoyu felt guilty and immediately said to Han Ling, “Han Huizhang (3), Lizz is honestly concerned about your wellbeing, she doesn’t mean anything other than that…” and he looked at Lizz, “Right, Lizz?”

Lizz was puzzled, but she saw the look on Shaoyu’s face and felt like she should do exactly what he said, so she slightly nodded her head with an, “Yup!”

Zhang Shaou wiped his forehead of the cold sweat that had just broken out and quickly changed the topic. “Han Huizhang, it seems that most of the club doesn’t want me to join, so I think I will resign for the greater good.”

When he heard that, Li Yulong was surprised for a moment. This brat doesn’t want to join the track and field club? When I told him to go away, he actually listened? Oh! He must be afraid of me and so he wants to bail out! Ha! Now I can’t help but smile! Messing with this fucker Shaoyu is so easy!

Li Yulong of course was unaware that Zhang Shaoyu really didn’t want to join the track and field club and just wanted to go home with Lizz. If it were not for Han Ling forcing him to come, he wouldn’t even have come.

Han Ling was worried, she had put forth a lot of effort to wrangle the dark horse of the tournament. Could she let him go like that? Of course not! Han Ling immediately called out to him, “Zhang Shaoyu, you give me a moment! If you leave now, I won’t help you out with that problem!”

Zhang Shaoyu had almost walked away, but quickly turned around. “If no one wants me to stay, how can I stay! I tried and I’m exhausted already!”

“You just ate some broth, how can you be tired?” With that she faced Li Yulong. “Li Yulong, what would it take for you to approve of Zhang Shaoyu joining the track and field club?”

—— Bonus: Author’s Note(4)

Dear readers, hello everyone! I am Yin Zhong, I just found out that this sorry story I was writing is actually in the top ten! It really surprised me and I don’t know what to say. Oh maybe for one, thank you readers for all the support, without which, I wouldn’t have made it this far! And so I hope for your continuous support, this lil’ bro will be very grateful!

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1. The pun here is a wordplay. The boss told his underlings to ‘secretly’ write a threat on Shaoyu’s desk. The underling thought he was telling him to write the word ‘secretly’ on his table.
2. Another pun. The Long in his name can be taken as deaf. Or dragon.
3. It’s the Chinese equivalent of prez.
4. This is the author’s note at that time he posted this chapter.

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