Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Bursting Chrysanthemum Flower

Seeing the girl’s strange expression made Zhang Shaoyu feel like something was seriously wrong. He thought: I don’t know what happened, so it would be better for me to apologize. I don’t think she’s an unreasonable person, and if a beautiful girl like that turned out to be an unreasonable one, I will give up!

With that in mind, Zhang Shaoyu steeled himself and stuttered, “I-I’m, sorry.”

Hearing Zhang Shaoyu’s words, the girls cheered, “Yes! See, it was the first option after all!”(1)

“How could that be?! Impossible!” The boys’ souls were crushed and they looked down in shame. “How could this ‘good guy king’ turn his back on such a beautiful girl? I’d do anything to be with someone like that!”

Zhang Shaoyu and the girl looked at their surroundings. Exasperated, he addressed them, “What are you guys talking about? What’s so wrong with saying ‘sorry’?”

The girl knew that she had a chance once she saw Zhang Shaoyu apologizing. But, she had to remind herself to calm down and not to get too excited. And so, while trying to calm herself down, she extended a trembling hand and timidly tugged at Zhang Shaoyu’s sleeve. With slightly moist eyes, she asked, “D-Do you finally regret it…?”

As the girl finally spoke again, some of the students in the back row began to mutter, “Get out of the way! Let me see!”

Zhang Shaoyu thought: Looks like I really screwed up big time! And so, he immediately wiped away the girl’s tears with his sleeve gently while saying, “It’s my mistake alright, please don’t cry anymore!”

“How are you going to compensate for this?”

“Compensate?” Zhang Shaoyu was dumbfounded. He was completely confused, as he didn’t even know who this girl was and what mistake he had made. Despite all that, she suddenly asked for his compensation. How would he compensate? And so, he asked, “So, what do you want me to do?”

“I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Whoa!” The girl’s one clear declaration started a turmoil amongst the audience.

“What! Girlfriend of that thing? Impossible!”

“My beauty, why don’t you ask me?! Compared to that loser, I’m much better!”

“My beauty, I’m here too! I’m sure you’ll always be very satisfied with me!”(2)

Zhang Shaoyu’s mind was in total chaos. He could not comprehend the reason behind the girl’s declaration. So many unbelievable things had happened these past few days. And this gorgeous girl? It’s impossible right? Am I dreaming?

Zhang Shaoyu could only stare blankly at the girl, speechless.

Wu Shao, who had just got beaten up by Zhang Shaoyu moments ago, already hated Zhang Shaoyu. How could he lose this girl to the ‘good guy king’? He immediately said: “Girly, this guy here is no good. He punched me just now, you know? So you see…”

Without even glancing at him, the girl sent her foot to Wu Shao’s mouth, knocking out two of his teeth. Wu Shao was sent flying, knocking over rows of tables and chairs as they toppled over while the girl shouted, “Get the fuck outta my way!”

Everyone gasped for breath after seeing the girl’s awesome display of power.

Wu Shao, blood dripping from his mouth, dragged himself on his butt to the corner of the classroom. He held his head down, clenching his fists. Even an idiot could tell what he was planning to do.

The audience spontaneously burst into laughter when they saw how pathetically Wu Shao acted.

The girl immediately turned her expression back to a delicate one, and asked, “Do you want me to be your girlfriend?”

Zhang Shaoyu blushed and answered in a low voice, “Missy, there’s a lot of people here, it’s quite embarrassing to answer your question right now, can you not wait until we go someplace more secluded?”

Even for Mr. X, this was the first time a girl as beautiful as this graced his eyes. Thus,he could only stare at her for the whole time. He felt his heart thumping and felt his body heat up, including that one disgusting area.(3)

“Is this what they call love at first sight?”

However, Mr. X was able to recover from his ‘love at first sight’ trance and come back to his senses. He completely ignored Wu Shao and straightened his old back as he swept his lecherous gaze all over the girl in red. Then, he took large steps towards the girl with a dignified aura. It was as if he was a brave hero heading out to the battlefield…If not for the lewd face he was making.
Mr. X started speaking, “So beautifu—No, I mean, little girl, what is your name?” The glances Mr. X was throwing at the girl were so electrifying that they could even shock a Pikachu to death.

She answered while giggling, “My name is Leah-Ikaros Guildory Venonist.”(4)

“Huh?” after hearing the seemingly never-ending name, Mr. X made a dumbfounded expression, scratching his bald head, being unable to remember even a single word.

The students began to shoot weird glances at Zhang Shaoyu and started chattering in low voices.

“So that girl’s a foreigner!”

“This ‘good guy king’ is too much, he even got a foreign girl? Really can’t judge books by their cover.”

“Have you been watching too much AVs? The true masters always conceal their abilities, OK?”

“Who cares whether he’s a master or not…? I envy him… Ah, I wonder can I ever taste a foreign girl…”(5)

“Do you think it’s possible to write normally using 0.5 lead in a 1.0 mechanical pencil?” (6)

Everyone else nodded slovenly.

Only after the girl repeated her name once more was Mr. X able to remember just a little part of it. He muttered with a trembling voice, “Ah…Uh… So… Er…Leia…Kar… -nist.”

The girl rolled her eyes and said, “It’s Leah-Ikaros Guildory Venonist. Oh well, you can just call me Lizz, everyone calls me that.”

Bah! Couldn’t you have just said that your name was Lizz from the very beginning? Even though Mr. X was cursing the girl in his mind, he still put up a “good teacher” front and replied her nicely, “Which class are you from? There’re lessons going on now, hurry up and go back to your classroom.”

Lizz’s expression changed into a grimace as she pointed to Zhang Shaoyu and answered, “What lesson? I’m here to look for him!”

Mr. X looked at Zhang Shaoyu in disbelief, “Looking for him? For what?”

Lizz simply said, “I want to be his girlfriend!”

”What!”(7) Mr. X suddenly froze after hearing her reply. At first, he wanted to try learning more about her and get the other teachers to do him some favors. Unfortunately, this flower was already taken, though the one who took it was regarded as utter garbage by everyone else.

Mr. X stared at Zhang Shaoyu and thought: What good is he? I have more money, I have more authority, not to mention I’ve lost more hair on my head than that kid. So why the heck would such a beautiful girl choose this trash!? This is such a waste! No, I can’t let it be! I have to save the girl from this worthless being! I’m not being a pedophile here! I’m upholding justice!

In his mind, Mr. X thought that if he could show to this young beauty how horrible Zhang Shaoyu was while showing off his good points, surely she would fall into his arms later.

Mr. X turned around to face Zhang Shaoyu before angrily reprimanding him, “Zhang Shaoyu! This is a school, not a stage for one of your soap operas! What are you doing bringing a girl to school, are you trying to fight the system or something?”

Zhang Shaoyu would never have thought that Mr. X was such a contemptible bastard. This girl came to me by her own initiative, and this bald bastard dares to blame me for it? This asshole is just trying to frame me!

Despite the resentment building up within Zhang Shaoyu, he understood that Mr. X was still his homeroom teacher and so he held tongue, allowing himself to get scolded.

“Your grades are bad, but instead of studying, you’re chasing skirts everywhere. You even beat up your classmate. It’s not a matter of something that can be forgiven by just copying your math homework once or twice anymore, I guess I’ll have to report you to the headmaster and have him discipline you officially!”

Zhang Shaoyu knew that his grades were bad, he didn’t even know whether it was good enough to take him to college but putting that aside for now, if he got such ‘notes’ under his name again, that door would completely close on him. If that happened, it wouldn’t be surprising for his parents to hang themselves.(10)

Zhang Shaoyu immediately got scared and quickly said, “Sir, please give me one more chance.”

Hearing Zhang Shaoyu pleading before him, Mr. X laughed inside his head: You see that, little girl? You see how he pleaded before me? You understand my authority, right? Worshiping me yet?

Mr. X began to wax grandiosely, “Chance? Didn’t I give you enough chances already? You are one of the dregs of this society. What can you do even after you grow up? Your parents are better off raising a pig rather than you…”

Mr. X continued to scold Zhang Shaoyu harshly and Lizz, who stood beside them, began to become fed up with the situation. Since she wanted to stay with him, she began to think: If I’m to stay with him, I need to gain his trust! And if I want to win his trust, I need to do him favors! This nagging old guy looks like his teacher. If I were to beat him up, he would surely thank me!

Lizz began to devise an evil plan in her head as she made an impish smile. She then picked up the long steel ruler in the classroom and stabbed it up Mr. X’s butt, bursting the chrysanthemum flower.(11)

Mr. X’s mind was fully occupied, scolding Zhang Shaoyu without pause. He would never have guessed the little devil would turn around and use the long steel ruler in that way. In a flash, half of the long steel ruler was already sheathed deep inside his asshole.

Mr. X suddenly stopped moving as if he was frozen in time. His face turned purple and he fell to the floor as both his legs gave way, both hands covering his bottom.

Everyone in the classroom became completely silent.

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1. The prev ‘sage’ saying. The first being the guy cheated on the girl.
2. In a somewhat lewd way. Lel.
3. Really??? My god. So disgusting.
4. Trust me, her name is so weird I’m not sure I got it right. But should be close enough.
5. This is getting perverted. Nice.
6. Impossibru.
7. Was tempted to TL this as “U wot m8!”
8. That point already cost you the fight.
9. You know, I have 3 characters I really hate by the point of me Tling this, Wu Shao, Ma Li, and this Mr. X. All three are scums.
10. In shame and desperation I suppose.
11. The chapter title is a slang for ‘anal’. I purposely didn’t put it for this very forbidden garden opening.

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31 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Sadly, I read enough Chinese novels to know exactly what it meant. But I was wondering about the context for it. But…. OW! I mean…. I know some guys have a fetish for that kinda thing… but… that was a meter stick people. 2.2 Feet of pure steel. So… he got a foot of hard steel. Ow. Just ow.


  2. So,,,,,,,,,err………….what the fu*kin hell. I really like this novel now. That teach got teached (taught) about a***l pleasure. Sure he got rekt. Have fun~ 😛

    Thanks for the chapter. Will wait for more 🙂


  3. Hm. I was somewhat disappointed in how the story villainized everyone around the main character. For some reason, the characters didn’t feel like “bad” characters in the sense that they’re evil/corrupt, moreso that the author was too lazy to try to make believable characters.
    I reckon they’ll rarely be brought up after 1-2 arcs of “oh my god Zhang is awful! oh no now he’s not! oh wow his gf is pretty! my character was made to be a prick in order for the main character to be seen in a better light!”

    Still, that’s just a guess.


  4. Actually I already read some of wuxia and xianxia novel when suddenly I see this project.The story is good and make me burst into laughter sometimes.I need MOAR !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Big problem: I hate when a writer makes absurdly unsympathetic characters for the protagonist and his buddies to stomp all over. There going to be a lot more of that in this story?
    Minor problem: This looks like a blatant harem setup. I was kinda hoping for the guy to not have magic powers when I clicked this, and he instantly swallows the important plot item.
    Slight problem: She sounds more like a mage that happens to be a girl than a proper magical girl. Oh well.

    I’m still looking forward to more, but I’m a little disappointed so far.


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